Lumipro 2016, A Party and Lalochezia FLF


Spotlight Lumi Pro2016// week I talked with you all about Lumipro 2016’s Beta. I am happy to be able to share with you the new updated Lumipro2016, is all set for release this weekend. The Palm of Your Hand Stefan of LumiPro has spend hours reworking an already amazing hud, that is a firm fave with many of second life already and the lovely Sam sums it all up for you and lets you know all the new and improved features on the Lumipro Blog. Something that has me mega excited is the reworking of the gobos and poses, poses now include poses from- Image Essentials, Katink, Something New, Variposa and Nantra. All big favourites in the pose world now working with this LumiPro to give some awesome poses as well as lighting effects! Check out the Flickr group also, and if you haven’t already got this neat tool in your inventory why not treat yourself to an early Christmas Present! Existing users just wear your hud on or After the 12th December and it should be sent to you and if you haven’t yet got yourself the very amazing LumiPro there is a fully functional demo in the sales room. To celebrate this launch there is  2 Moulin Rouge parties on the LumiPro Sim, at 12pm and 7pm SLT. Lalochezia has put out her offering for Fifty Linden Friday with the Instant Crush set, 5 poses and their mirrors are available today for the crazy price of 50Lindens be sure to run over and grab them up. Have a great weekend all! Rainbow Kisses//


Pose – Lalochezia– Instant Crush- Fifty Linden Friday

What I am Wearing.

Head, Skin & Body Appliers-Lumae Niska – Amber- Bare

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Nails-zoz Snowflake Glitter 2 2015 SL Christmas Expo

Hair- > Asset < Little Bird Hairology

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Aveline– Midnight Blue

EyeShadow and Lashes- Rainbow Kisses– Starry Eyes

Dress- Entice– Evil Ways Dress- Advent Calender 11th December

Photo Taken with Lighting from LumiPro 2016– Release Candidate OPENS DEC 12TH!

Grandmas Pumpkins!


Grandmas Pumpkins

It will as mentioned before take me some time to make my sim all autumn like. But for now the top of my hills has a real fall feel.

This stunning cute pose is from Something New and is the offering for the Autumn Effect hunt. The Autumn hunt from Depraved Nation has 77 designers all offering hunters a very cute gift, so get hunting.

This cute pose and prop really is great and as much as I am sat here on my own it does have a spot for another avatar.

grandmas Pumpkins 2// cute dungaree set and vest top is from Legendaire, I think it is so Autumn friendly and should be in everyones Autumn/Winter wardrobe, Texture change hud means you have so many options in one item.   What I am Wearing. Hair – [enVOGUE] – HAIR Jessica – Dark Reds Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae :: Niska : 4 – Peach :: Gateau {Freck/LightBrow} Body& Hands- Maitreya LaraV3.3 Feet-Slink– High Feet Mesh Head- LeLutka– Ever Eye- IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue Dungaree’s and Shoes-Legendaire – Elaine Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)   Pose and Prop- Something New– Grandmas Pumpkins- TAE//

Wayward Fall



Seasons are changing, Sims are closing for a wee while to enable awesome landscapers, terra-formers, designers to step in and make the season change. I do love this time in Second Life, love seeing the beauty that people create and I am sure like most I get inspired and want to create something special like some of what I see at home. Normally failing miserably, I do still try though.

Wayward has turned and the leaves are falling over at their sim. Fall is such a beautiful season. Walk on over check it out and don’t forget to take a postcard picture or 2!

This zipper design dress seemed to ooze autumn and is the new release from More Than Ever, this special dress is available to in-world group members at a 40% Discount till September 19th. The group is free and the dress is available in four colours.

Essenz has released these Boca Ratan shoes, available to fit Slink and Maitreya they are available at the Saving Sight event which opened yesterday, it is a huge event with so many designers supporting it, so run over there like I did and support one of us and pick up some amazing items.

What I am Wearing.

Hair- Clawtooth: Fade Into You – Bombshell Blonde (Gacha In Store)

Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae Niska : 4 – Peach :: Sangria {Freck/LightBrow}

Mesh Body Hands& Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.3

Head and Eye- Genesis – Marie- Chapter Four

Dress- More Than Ever– Zipper Chevron Dress Berry

Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)

Shoes-Essenz – Boca Raton (Wine)- Saving Sight

Pose- Fashiowl– Sophie


Something New


The look of Love


If you really know me you will know I am passionate about poses in Second Life. I am truly honored to be sponsored by Ally, her poses in both Something New and Something Erotic are always stunning and inspiring.

This weekend this pose becomes available at Saving Sight a fund raising event for one of our own, DeadPool Designs owner Shane Rodney Benbrook. Please do check out this event and be sure to support this worthy cause.

All His


Tit-a-lated a new release from Something Erotic, really does help you get that close moment, warning though if your partner has a habit of motor boating on you they will love this pose. Honestly its smoothness, its closeness really does seem so so real with this pose.

Something New is in the process of moving their main store across to Image Essentials if you haven’t already update your landmarks with the new landmark at the end of this post.

Slink released their male physique this last week and honestly it was nice to see another male mesh body on the grid that offered some comparison to the early male releases. It is smooth and generally very easy to wear, adapting a shape you like causes more difficulty. Steel ended up buying the feet and hands as well to avoid headaches.  It is by all accounts a very nice body, its harder to bulk up than most but the Physiques have always been nicer as slimmer bodies. The addition of omega to Slink is awesome, it will definitely mean we see more of my Slink, and it is a great thing for designers who feel bombarded by having to make so many appliers all the time.

My Shoes wow great group gift from Knockers, they have some real dark almost gothic character to them.

Hair has it, oh yes it does, Magika have released Itch (amusing name to me), this pretty fly away very natural bob is very me, as always 3 huds available with an array of colour options.

Its the start of the weekend, YAY, so love those you love a little bit more, make someone smile and have a good one!

What I am Wearing.
Hair – Magika– Itch
Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae :: Niska : 4 – Peach :: Gateau {Freck/LightBrow}
Body Hands, Feet and Lingerie- Slink Physique

Mesh Head- LeLutka– Ever
Eye- IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue
Shoes – ..::KnocKeRs::..Diabolic Soul Stilettos (Slink High Group Gift)
Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)

What Steel is wearing

Hair- Damselfly– Ashton

Skin, Body, Hands & Feet- Slink Physique


Pic 1 -Pose –Something New–   -Saving Sight (Landmark to follow)

Pic 2 -Pose & Prop-Something Erotic– Tit-a-Lated


Silent Whisper – Remembering


Silent Whisper


September 11th for those who are old enough to remember that day will be etched in our mind for years to come.

For me like the bombings in London July 7th.  What an incredibly wrong world it is, a world where fellow humans want to hurt, kill and put suffering on other innocent people.

I can remember the moment it hit the news here in the UK like it was yesterday and yes it was Live and I remember sitting on the floor pre work watching the television thinking is this real.

For many people still that day was very real, they was there, those people I remember.

Those people who lost there lives, I remember.R.I.P.

I remember with hope, that one day things like this wont happen, I remember sadly,with a little fear, as even now the world is still a victim of potential threats of murder to innocents.

Be safe today and always and be sure to tell those you Love that you do!

What I am Wearing.
Hair- !lamb. Bernice
Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae :: Niska : 4 – Peach :: Gateau {Freck/LightBrow}
Body Hands& Feet- Slink Physique

Mesh Head- LeLutka– Ever
Eye- IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue
Dress – ..::KnocKeRs::..CandyFloss Mini Dress[SLINK]
Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)
Bag-:: PM :: Rubik Purse {Classic} On9

Pose& Prop-GlamRus– Kristina


Out of the Darkness




There is some people in the world that just love to hate.

There is some people in the world who just love to spread negativity.

Neither of these are healthy, neither of these should happen in either world. Sadly they do. But what we do in reply to those things depends on its effect on us and others around us.

Hands up I am not always the best at dealing with things, I can be pushed to my limits like anyone, but me, I do not hate, I think its a vile word and vile emotion.

So my words today are for those people hiding in the shadows of life, come out, come out. The sun can shine if you believe it. No one can judge you, no one can tell you what you think, Your in charge of your own destiny.

I recently watched a video and the words went something like this

Be as weird, crazy, as you want to be. Those people who love you will be right by your side being as weird and crazy as you are.

I went to Collabor 88 this month for this amazing pose set from Nantra, 8 poses with mirrors and prop illuminatas. great fun and smooth as always.

This dress and jacket set from Ison at C88, the cut of the dress is so pretty casual or mega pretty and teamed up with the jacket (tails animated or static), I felt like a dark princess. The fit is amazing and the design is very different.

My Friendly Shadow


What I am Wearing.
Hair- LeLutka-BLYTHE hair – Jessica
Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae :: Niska : 4 – Peach :: Gateau {Freck/LightBrow}
Mesh Head,  Body Hands& Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.3

Mesh Head- LeLutka– Ever
Eye- IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue
Dress & Jacket- Ison– Occult Dress and Jacket- Collabor88
Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)
Shoes- .:KC:. VIXIE – Maitreya

Pose& Prop- Nantra– Illuminati- Collabor88


Dream Big


Dream Big

Why dream big, because when you dream big you achieve greatness. When you sit back and say thats beyond my reach you achieve nothing!

When I look at this picture I see the wonder of mesh, how far we have come in the time I have been here the realism of the mesh body, with the curves. The jawline and nose on the head all looking very natural. And of course the skin brings this mesh to life.

Take time to look at pictures on flickr take in the beauty that these designers put into our virtual lives on a daily basis, they help make our lives beautiful.

This cute cheerleader outfit hit the mark well and truly, Nothing like a self cheer one to motivate you, and who doesn’t like shaking there pom poms. Available in Cheers Pink or Spirit Blue 100% Mesh. It really is stunning and well that bra top a little cheeky but you could team it up with lots of other things too.

I am wearing one of Lumae’s bare skins to enable me to show you some awesome makeup at this months Makeover room, there really is a great variety and who doesn’t like a mini make over.

The pose is from Fashiowl, Flashdance just seemed to fit the name of picture, blog and the cheerleader outfit.

To all of my USA readers have a great Labour Day be safe, to the rest of the world, hope Monday is kind to you!

Close Up//    What I am Wearing.

Hair- Exile::Spice (Female) Fantasy 2- Arcade

Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae : Niska : 4 – Peach :: Bare {Freck/LightBrow}  

Mesh Body Hands& Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.3  

Mesh Head- LeLutka– Ever  

Eye- IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes  

Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)  

Lip Gloss- Oceane – Gloss Lipsticks  – Lelutka- The Make Over Room

Eye Shadow- Zibska ~ Marion Lelutka Appliers- The Make Over Room


CheerLeader Outfit- Lushish Catz-Cheer Pink Cheerleader  

Poses-Fashiowl– Flashdance    //