Fall Thoughts



There is a lot of negativity around the world today and I want everyone to take a minute to say look around you and realise there is a bigger picture, there is so many things around you that you should be grateful and happy with.

Fall Thoughts

Autumn is such a pretty season, the colours are amazing.8f8 really did catch that beauty in this months release for the subscription box Deco(C)rate.  It really is a dream come true. No place of ours – Autumnal Box has a 13 Prim Land Impact, 1 couple and 10 single poses it is a great addition to any autumn sim. I only have 1 request please can I have a Winter, Spring and Summer add on.


Revival also had a new release for Deco(C)rate this month, Shelter from The Rain, a cute little shelter with space for 3 avatars, 18 single animations and 9 cuddles. Its rustic beauty really is so pretty.

There is so much more to show you from this months Deco(C)rate and I will be sharing some more faves very soon. The amazing designers put together really did not disappoint!

The box it comes in is fantastic. A quick click makes the chest open.


Each drawer is then clickable and delivers the item, even pressing the unpack all button makes the drawers animate as each opens in turn! I think I see a shiny future for Deco(C)rate.

My outfit kind of has that vintage feel too and can be found at The Old Fair from Gee, it includes, the jumper, shorts, socks and a scarf that isn’t shown.

8f8 – no place of ours – Autumnal Box- Deco(C)rateSL

Revival– Shelter from the Rain- Deco(C)rateSL

Head Applier-.::WoW Skins::.– Elle- Chapter Four

Skin & Body Appliers-.::WoW Skins::. Maitreya Bronze Cleavage

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DaneMarkZ– Sorbet Frost- Designer Showcase

Hair- Truth Hair– Deja- VIP Gift November

Head-Catwa –Candy

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Jumper, Shorts and Socks- Gee– Vintage Look- The Old Fair

Shoes- Reign-Catty Boots- Ankle

I’m Still Working On My Masterpiece!



“I still fall on my face sometimes and I can’t colour inside the lines because I’m perfectly incomplete. I’m still working on my Masterpiece!!”

Jessie J -Masterpiece!

We all make mistakes sometimes and its the reactions of those around us that make how those mistakes are felt about.


I had an amazing time styling and editing for this blog. I hope you enjoy the shots and styling too.

I have used 2 poses within this blog, the one in the picture above is from fashiowl, and is available at Tres Chic which opens today. The one below is from Image Essentials and was one of 2 poses on sale this weekend head on over you may catch it still and you to can have a new best friend!

I'm still working on my Masterpiece

I have some amazing friends and one who packaged all her Epiphany bits she didn’t want into a box for me and sent them over, I am one of many still fighting to get in so was great to be able to get my hands on some bits and be able to blog them today!

Besom has 2 awesome Gachas at Epiphany one of the them being the Witchy Bitches gacha, which is where you will find the beautiful Spellbound I am wearing here, it is a very cute style with a bit of classy attitude!!

My necklace also from Epiphany is from Return of The Coven, the Moons Aligned necklace is one of the common prizes but what a cool accessory for this seasons witchyness.

My Corset and make up is from Glitter and is available at Swank, Fierce for me was eye catching and a little different, Halloween with a touch of pink. The corset itself comes in standard mesh sizes, the under pants are applier or standard. The make up comes with an omega applier so you can apply it to any Omega head you have a relay for.


Got to adore a spider or two, ok 10 or 20. These awesome nails are from Dark Passions- Koffin Nails and are available at The Nightmare Event, going to have some fun with these nails know a few people who are freaked out by spiders. As always they come in an amazing array of colours and compatible with  Slink, Maitreya and Omega.

Pose 1- Fashiowl– Witch Umbrella- Tres Chic

Pose 2- Image Essentials– Skeleteon Swing

What Anna is Wearing.

Head Applier- .::WoW Skins::.  Lilac- Designer Showcase

Skin & Body Appliers-.::WoW Skins::. Maitreya Bronze Cleavage

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails – Arachnophobia- The Nightmare Event

Hair- Besom– Spellbound- Epiphany

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Eye Applier- .::WoW Skins::.  Samantha Eyes- Applique Event Opens Tomorrow

Necklace- Reign– Moons Aligned – Epiphany

Make Up and Corset- Glitter– Fierce- Swank

Last 2 Days of September Pose Hop



The Pose Hop is entering the last 2 days of this round so you have just enough time to hop around some stores and get your pose on! The Pose Hop is an in-store event that welcomes all pose creators whether they me in world or have their store on market place.

Petite Poses is one of this rounds designers. Mummie Sandwich above is their sale release for this round and can be used with one or 2 kids!


Looking up is their new release now this pose really is for 2 kids but I wanted to be a little different so I made it a big and little me pose and it worked but here is the vendor shot to give you the proper idea as it looks much cuter with 2 little ones.

I have already been asked who is the little one in these pictures as she does not closely resemble either of my daughters, I think she last featured in my blog over a year ago. She is little me, yes Little Anna, she is a bit of a handful and I full expect her to be popping up more and more as I have been asked to do more Toddleedoo blogging alongside my other blogging!

Poses By Petite Poses– Mummy Sandwich (1 or 2 kids) and Looking Up- Pose Hop Event

What Big Anna is Wearing.

Head Applier- .::WoW Skins::. Group Gift September- Agny

Skin & Body Appliers-.::WoW Skins::. Maitreya Bronze Cleavage

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails –  Sedate Me

Hair-+elua+ Noah

Head- Catwa– Candy

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Top and Jeans- Flippant– BCA- Rock Your Rack Opens October 1st More on this great event soon!


Necklace and Earrings- CAE-Equastrian

What Big Anna is Wearing.

Head- Cute Bytes- Mina Baby Mesh Head (Skin as included)

Body- Cute Bytes- ~ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl

Hair- Due– Michiyo

Dress- Aura– Aura Dungaree Dress- The Playroom

Flip Flops- Lazy Unicorn– Flippy Flops- The Playroom


Fall And Family


Family Fall Time

It is not that I don’t like fall I do because the colours and beauty of nature is amazing, but on my travels this summer I met lots of different people all with differing views on so much.

Fall to some is beauty to others they don’t see it like that. I sat and spoke to an older lady as she was travelling on her own and her view on fall is this, as the season changes from Summer to Autumn we see the pretty  shed their life and beauty and in some cases die. I was quick to add but it also enables rebirth in the future, she advised me the future is no guarantee. She was far from a negative person from my other chats with her I can tell you she was probably one of the most inspiring people I met, at 82 she was travelling and visiting all the places she has wanted to in her life but never done. She has some bucket list of places let me tell you and in each place she has something to do. She is well aware she may not get to every place but she has said as long as she can, she will! We could all learn a lot from that. She talked about her family, her husband sadly not here any more but her kids supporting her every place she visits!

Family is so important and even those who do not think they are heavily into family roleplay in second life if they look a little deeper they will see in their close knit groups a kind of family, different people take different roles, it happens all around us in society continuously.

This last week quite by accident I fell upon a photo on flickr of a wee one looking for a family, she is also a blogger and an animal lover, I messaged her and well that as they say is history. There is an easy connection between all of us forming which isn’t easy with our family with me and Steel having been together years and Zoey having been with us nearly 2 now. Here is to hoping things go well and that we see some collaboration blog posts very soon.

This pose is a great one for those awesome fall pictures and is a new release from Something New, Ally and Jake have been busy getting a Halloween store all set up for you.  It comes with poses for four as seen but there is extra kid baskets if you need them!


I did not dress everyone for this picture so can not tell you what everyone is wearing but by all means as always feel free to contact the others to get their information.

Pose- Something New– Halloween Wagon – Halloween Shop for them Here

What I am Wearing.

Head Applier- .::WoW Skins::. Soraya Bronze Catwa- Fluffy and Fierce

Skin & Body Appliers-.::WoW Skins::. Maitreya Bronze Cleavage

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails –  Sedate Me

Hair-  Ison-Rose

Head- Catwa– Destiny

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Romper Suit- Kaithleens– Carolyn Vintage Romper Suit

Charms and Bracelet- CAE-Wanderlust :: Tropics

Necklace and Earrings-Real Evil Industries -Lux Celeste- Group Gift

Weekend Sales


Fly Like A Butterfly

Everyone loves a sale!!

This weekend there is some awesome offerings around on the grid including this beautiful new release from Apple May, the taupe version worn here is at a very special price for this weekend of 50Lindens. Definately a steal and with mesh body sizes for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.

Those who know me know I love poses. Nantra has an amazing pose set available at 60linden weekend. Butterflies are free is a stunning set of 6 poses and mirrors available with butterflies.

Picture taken on location at The Trace Too. One of those locations that change with the seasons and I always love to visit.

Pose Nantra– Butterflies are Free- 60 linden weekend sale

What I am Wearing

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Wow Skins– Amber- Designer Showcase

Body, Feet & Hands Nails- Maitreya– Lara

Hair-Due – Toy- Kustom9

Head- Catwa– Destiny

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Lashes- SlackGirl– LaLux Lashes for CATWA HEADS

Dress- Apple May Designs-Gemini Dress (MarketPlace and inworld Taupe on sale till the end of weekend)

Charms and Bracelet- CAE-Wanderlust :: Tropics

Wanderer Returns


The Wanderer Returns

The wandering she had done, had helped her see beautiful things and look through the lens a little differently.

So in 9 days time I head home, it has been an amazing summer and I do class myself as being very lucky.

I have spent a whole summer on probably one of the most loved Greek Islands worldwide. But all good things do come to an end. For me it will be mixed emotions the place and its people have been amazing, the internet and being far away from home comforts has been tough!

I hope you guys like this blog half as much as I did taking it.

Collabor88 has done it again, what an amazing round, warning attending this round will have a severe effect on your linden balance.  This beautiful maxi dress is from erratic and the array of designs its available in there is something for everyone. As with all of erratic designs the attention to detail is stunning and it really is something special. Both the poses used in this blog are also available at Collabor88 from Purple Poses.

The Wanderer Returns

 Sawsan of WOW Skins has been busy again I am wearing the beautiful Nina Skin and the advanced OutletSL Sales Room. If you want a very natural looking but beautiful skin you can not go far wrong with this at all.

The Wanderer Returns 3

Chez Moi has this beautiful wire table and chair set available at the Chapter Four, I am loving the options built in. 28 single poses, 20 couple poses, 8 different colour chairs and 9 diferent cushion colours. The animations are so cute and this will make an awesome addition to any home or business.

Poses- Purple Poses– Alanis- Collabor88

Table and Chairs- Chez Moi- Wire Patio Table and Chairs – The Chapter Four

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Wow Skins– Nina- OutletSL SalesRoom

Body, Feet & Hands Nails- Maitreya– Lara

Hair- Due-Michiyo – The Chapter Four

Head- Catwa– Destiny

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Lashes- SlackGirl– LaLux Lashes for CATWA HEADS

Dress- Erratic– Caroline- Maxi Dress- Collabor88

Necklace- CAE– Equestrian

Charms and Bracelet- CAE-Wanderlust :: Tropics

Shoes- REIGN.- April Sandals

Everyone should take time to smell the roses


Smelling the Flowers


In this crazy life well for most of us ready this lives we live, it is all to easy to not take the time to be greatful for all we have and have had. It is all too easy to want more, we feel like we need more when in reality a good long look at what you have can make you eternally greatful for a lot!

Smelling the Flowers

The Pose that inspired these photos is by Q Poses, these along with a handful of other sponsors are amongst those that have stayed strong with me through my summer break, it is a true honor to work with them and the other awesome sponsors that have stayed by my side or given me an extended leave of absence with firm invite back when I return home in 2-3 weeks.

The Beautiful Amely skin from WoW skins shown here on the Catwa Destiny head it really is smooth and stunning, for me the summer always helps my skin look smooth and beautiful just like Amely.

I do keep getting so many comments on my lashes! I do love lashes I wont ever wear Fake big lashes in real as I am blessed with fairly long ones. But these stunning lashes from Slackgirl really do feel long and natural and there is even a gem option included as well for those sparkly nights out!

Pose- Q Poses–  Smell The Roses- Cosmopolitan

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Wow Skins– Amely- Designer Circle

Body, Feet & Hands Nails- Belleza– Isis

Hair- Dela– Belle

Head- Catwa– Destiny

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Lashes- SlackGirl– LaLux Lashes for CATWA HEADS

Dress- EVANI-Cara dress GRAPE (Belleza Isis)- Uber