I do, I do, I do

Ok don’t all panic, I didn’t get married and not invite you all! But this amazing cake made me get all dressed up as if I did. I have said since the birth of PoseSL when the time was right an event would also open, which would work on the same idea as the blog….

Here Comes The Bride!

Ok I know my family are already panicking thinking when,where,don’t panic I needed a practice run. June will be here and we may still elope for our renewal. Wedding Dress hunting in SL is as hard as it is in real. What Style, what colour,Long or Short, Trail or not, Veil or not. You need…

Happy Easter, Just A Short Post

Just a very  quick post to say Happy Easter One and All. Yesterday was a truly amazing day that once again showed me how lucky I am to have the awesome family I do, Here is a very quick snap, Have a wonderful and blessed day! Anna