Gone Fishing


Gone Fishing

More and more in the last few weeks I have stuggled to understand the species I am part of, that species of course being humans!

Why do we need to hate, destroy, kill, steal from and frighten others.

Where do we feel the need that in order for ourselves to be happy we need to kill other peoples happiness. Hate I have said for years is too strong a word for anyone, I don’t hate any single human alive, even those others would say have earned that description in how they have treated me.

I live life with an open heart and am trusting, I never used to be that trusting and recent events have me thinking it is a bad thing.

So today spread a little love, make someone smile and remember there is people out there who may well be having a worse day than you.

Those days where you don’t feel like you want to be nice to others, get back to nature, go fishing, head to the beach or even, walk in the forest.



Boat, Table, Lips-Astralia– Pink Dreams-Arcade June 2017

Kitty- +Half-Deer+– Merkitty – Lounging (Lilac)Arcade June 2017

Fish on a rope- Black Bantam-Friendly Fish Companion Set 05-Arcade June 2017

Pose  and Ring Prop- Something New– Summer Vibes- enMESHed Monthly

Head and Body Applier-WoW Skins– Gemma- Kinky

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hair- Wasabi Pills– Lemon Mesh Hair- Chapter Four

Head-LeLutka Mesh Head-Simone Bento

Bikini- MOoH! Pam bikini Breeze-Jersey SHore 2

Nails-Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Totally Tight Tips- Vintage Fair Opens 9th June


Pink Rose



It is so amazing to be appreciated as a blogger and yesterday I was announced as the Blogger of the Month for March for Image Essentials, Thanks so much to Kay and Danni, it is my honour to be working with such great poses and people. The pose used today is another fab pose by Image essentials.

There is a love feeling that pretty pink just brings out and this set from Supernatural at this round of Gacha Guardians does just that. Available via gacha in black, blue, red and pink, it is fitted for the maitreya body and it fits it like a glove!

Pink Rose

The detailing is fantastic and I adore the necklace!

Not a sponsor mention but wow these curls had me at hello! They are another Gacha release this time from Wasabi Pills at The Chapter Four.


Like many in second life since the birth of bento hands my wedding ring has been hanging around my hand most of the time and when I saw this great new release from Astralia, it was time to get some new ones, and the nice thing about this set is steels ring wont be floating round because the male matching ring is included! There is a hud to change the metal colour and the gems. There is also included UV;s so you can make your own textures and personalise the rings.

My nails are part of a brand new release from Dark Passions, and these are part of her amazing releases for the Black Fashion Fair which opens on the 7th, this is going to be an awesome event be sure to make sure you get there in the 2 weeks its open and grab up some amazing exclusives.

Steps- Created by myself

Pose-Image Essentials– Steps

Head and Body Applier-Lumae : Catwa – Ruby – T5 Dolce / Bare- The Avenue

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Black Rain- Black Fashion Fair 2017 Opens 7th April

Hair- Wasabi Pills– Shizuko – The Chapter Four

Head- Catwa  Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Corset, panties, leg straps, Necklace, Belt and Staff-Supernatural-Rhea-The Gacha Guardians

Engagement and wedding ring-Astralia-My Half-Crossroads

The Easter Bunny


It doesn’t seem 2 minutes ago that it was Christmas and as much as a whole load of things have changed both in second life and real life for me in this short time, are the kids really breaking up for Easter Vacation.

As much as a lot of the changes still bare down on me, in other ways I broke some chains and barriers within a few things even my blogging. I am at a point that I am loving what I am doing I am less scared to try new things and looks and I hope it shows.

A new month dawns tomorrow and Totally Top Shelf are switching up their event a little.

The Press Release is below.


Where? – In mainstores across SL
When? – 1st April @ 12pm SLT

Totally Top Shelf would like to invite you on a grand adventure through SL and along the way visit and partake in some shopping in some of the most talented designers of SL. Grab yourself a hud and join the fun. Huds can be found by joining the TTS Updates group and in notices or any of the participating designers stores.

The rules are simple. Simply click the hud to TP to the stores (last tp is for the treasure room) go about your business and shop around! find those hidden outfits/accessories/ tattoos anything you havent seen before and buy! once you have finished  find the Checkpoint, Click the check point. Once you have done that a red X will cross off that store (red Xis not needed for last tp point). Repeat the process untill you get to the last square on the hud and TP to our treasure room. THIS is where you can get your free prizes for taking part on the treasure adventure! simply click on each chest to grab your prize! (PLEASE NOTE – To get your prizes you need 1 completed hud with all stores crossed off)

Some of the freebies are awesome and by filling up your huds you are going to find some new stores and maybe even some new faves!

The Easter Bunny

Oubliette is releasing this great dress as her event exclusive this round and it includes bow and ears(one piece).

These great shoes are Oubliette’s treasure and I adore them already, they fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. So a choice and variety!


I was absolutely thrilled to become part of Zibska’s tea so expect to see more amazing make up in blog posts from here on!

Bunny Life

Cheek shadow, Thelka, comes in 12 colour options and its a gift!! I love the way with mesh heads we can totally alter this blush to the blend we want to be dramatic or subtle.  Meera lipstick comes in a huge variety of 24 shades, and as no girl should leave home without lippy it is one for the collection for sure.  Signature eye make up is great for any night or day out and this is just what Paiva offers. 12 colour variations are available. All of these are available at this round of Se7en.

Pose-P.O.SE.– female stand 2

Head and Body Applier-Lumae : Catwa – Ruby – T5 Dolce / Bare- The Avenue April 1st!

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Union Jack- World Tour Hunt 2017

Hair- Wasabi Pills– Patty- Ultra

Head- Catwa  Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Eye Applier- Out of Orbit-Earthy Eyes- The Avenue April

Dress- Ears and Head Bow- Oubliette– Bad Bunny Latex Outfit- Totally Top Shelf

Shoes- Oubliette– Bad Bunny Slipper- Totally Top Shelf

Cheek Shadow- Zibska [Gift] Thekla- Se7en

Eye Shadow- Zibska ~ Paiva- Se7en

Lipstick- Zibska ~ Meera- Se7en

Lighting by Lumipro



Moving Day


Moving Day

I am glad to say moving day is done! Yeahhh now I have to just find everything I need in boxes and boxes.

Even house sharing like I do it takes some time to make it feel like home but I am here and that’s a lot better than the way it was.

So todays blog post kind of a yeah I am back and a big sigh of relief. It is funny because in second life I am working on a dream project house as well.

The pose above is from Image Essentials and is available at this round of Designer Showcase. It includes the chair, foot rest and lamp. You have a texture change set in the ottoman and 10 custom bento poses.The full bento capabilities are being shown in this blog.


My dress is from Masoom and was this months Midnight madness prize but never fear if you missed out over at the Masoom store you will now find this dress available. As always full view is below in credits.

My boots are from MOOH I am absolutely thrilled to be one of her new bloggers, I have been a fan for some time so it is going to be a very exciting sponsor for me.

These cut harnessed high lace boots are available with 2 different huds. Light and Dark huds are cross matchable and these must have boots are available at the Level Up 2 Event.


My necklace and choker is just part of the Lucile set from Supernatural at Cosmopolitan, more from this super cute set soon.

Wow Skins has released Giulia for the MBA event this month, it comes for the catwa bento head and in all the normal shades of Wow.


I love me some vintage and these nails are so perfectly vintage. Which is great as Dark Passions has released these nails at this round of Genre, the theme of which is Victoriana. These beautiful nails come in a range of colours. Check out the range in the credits.

Pose- Image Essentials– Danni Chair- Designer Showcase

Head and Body Applier- Wow Skins– Tan- GIULIA CATWA APPL. – MBA Event

Giulia Catwa bento app. MBA EVENT

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails– Victorian Rose- Genre Koffin Nails - Fatpack - Victorian Rose
Hair- Wasabi Pills-Viola- Fifty Linden Friday

Head- Catwa  Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Necklace and Choker-Supernatural-Lucile- Cosmopolitan

.::Supernatural::. Lucille @Cosmopolitan

Dress-Masoom Kimberley

MASOOM MM March.png

Boots-MOoH! Gaby boots Light Hud- Level Up 2

Gaby boots light hudPacking Box-Tarte, – Packing Boxes


490 Sun, Sea and Sand


Missing the Sun, Sand and Sea

This summer I really did miss home and internet and second life and everything else. But I now find myself homesick for Sun,Sea and sand and current temperatures mean going to one of the beaches about 15 minutes away on train would not be much fun. I know there is no pleasing some people. Short blog today but had to share this awesome hair from FiftyFive Linden Friday.


Pose – Something New– Calender Girls

Head and Body Applier- Lumae : Ruby for Catwa – Dolce

Body/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hands- Vista Animations-Bento Pro Hands

Hair- Wasabi Pills– Vic- Fifty Linden Friday

Head-Catwa– Ruby Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Dress-KiB– Ayra Dress- The Avenue

Shoes- Slipper Originals– Beachcomber Sandals

Tattoo- Lushish Catz-Star Tattoo- Roulett3

Nails- Entice– Simple Life Nails- Designer Showcase

479 Hands Together



Everyone needs something a little sexy a little cute to make them feel awesome and Entice has released this stunning lingerie set at Designer Showcase for January’s Birthday round.

The colour options are amazing and you can make so many adjustments with the fatpack you will have just about amazing lingerie for any occasion.

Hands together- Say A Little Prayer

At the Designer Showcases birthday round you will find the amazing normal great talent from so many designers and gifts galore for all group members (Group is free).

Image essentials is a regular designer at the designer showcase and I am so happy to say she is up with bento and has some amazing poses bento enabled available, including these at the Designer Showcase.

I saw this hair advertised and had to run and grab it up as its so very me, Wasabi Pills has released Bianca as a gacha hair at the Chapter Four. It is a very cute short bob that is just a little bit messy.

Pose –Image Essentials-Bento – Heaven (b)- Designer Showcase

Head and Body Applier- Lumae : Yulia LeLutka Appliers – Dolce

Body/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hands- Vista Animations-Bento Pro Hands

Finger Nails-Danemarkz– Prescious Metals- Designer Showcase

Hair- Wasabi Pills– Bianca- The Chapter Four

Head-LeLutka Mesh Head-Simone Bento V2

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Lingerie-Entice– Smack That Lingerie – Designer Showcase

Ring- CAE– forever :: Three Stone Ring

Crisp White Snow!


Crisp, White Snow

It is rare I type very little today is one of those rare ones.

I adore this fountain a new store release by Chez Moi, built in animations for Singles and couples are included.

My top and skirt are a new release coming to a brand new event called The Avenue, the Evo-group have put together an amazing group of designers for this brand new event.


Fountain and Animations- Chez Moi-Wintery Fountain

Head Applier- .::WoW Skins::.  – Leora

Skin & Body Appliers-.::WoW Skins::. Maitreya Bronze Cleavage

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- Alme– Nakama Nails

Hair- Wasabi Pills– Yoshiko

Head- Akeruka– Aurora Bento Version

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Eye Applier- .::WoW Skins::. Meditterano Mesh Eye-Catwa Applier-Designer Circle

Vest and Skirt- [satus Inc] Tank Top & Wrapped Skirt- Coming soon to The Avenue

Boots-Flippant– POE Hunt Boots- Peace On Earth Start Point