Out for a Cycle

I do think daily how lucky I am to be blessed with the awesome sponsors I have that have faith in me continuously to blog their creations. I have been part of Kaithleen’s blogging team now for some time and the variety and sheer quality of everything she does is wonderful. Just like this cute…

Spring Crimson

Spring is here and I am glad to say the lighter flowing fabrics will soon be replacing our jumpers. This months uber has so much fresh and Spring stuff you don’t want to miss anything over there and you only have 2 weeks left! Grab up some awesome brightness like this stunning set from Masoom….

Is it Spring Yet?

Those days are still to far away for my liking but the winter hasn’t been that bad here yet. I am prepping up the home sim for spring anyway and it seems to be a relief for everyone now the snow has gone. Swank opens on the 7th January and is sure not to disappoint….

Final Day Of RFL- SL Christmas Expo and More Than Ever

Time really has flown and today the RFL SL Christmas Expo closes its doors for another year, it has been an honour and a privilege to be able to blog this event on both of my blogs, and to everyone thats volunteered, worked so hard to make it a success a huge congratulations is in…

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

I took a trip over to the Christmas Tree lot at the SL Christmas expo today, this is where some very cool designers have dropped off some exclusive trees for sale all to aid RFL. For those posers and photographers amongst us, the landscapers for the event have done an amazing job, keeping the sims as low lag as possible but still incredibly fitting with such a huge event.

This amazing jumper, yes there is a naughty side to it and me, but I been good today is available at the expo as well, so don’t forget to shop.

Lumae has released the 2nd skin for the winter trend event and with its rosy cheeks for winter its sure to be a hit for those cold outside winter pictures.

<a title="RAW Skin Shot" href="https://www.flickr.com/

The Simple Things

“It is the sweet simple things in life that are the real things after all!” You know those hellos you get all the time, the ones who hit ya with it when you log on. The people who say I Love you and you know they mean it. To me Secondlife is not a game,…

Darkness Falls

” I have loved the stars to fondly to fear the night!” More dress up Yay, I am loving this Dark Contessa from Flippant, I stumbled around HavenHollow III and wasn’t scared of anything! Dark Contessa comes with spider necklace, ear cuffs, shoes and 5 Sized Mesh Dresses. Raw shot below. //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsI have a couple…

The 2 of Us!

      I love posing with my fave man, bless I have this very real other half , when I can put him great poses and awesome clothes together I love it. I spent some time today at a blogger meet up, was amazing to get out meet people with a common interest, but…

You Have Been Framed

The Photography hunt starts October 1st, and wow this is one any blogger, photographer, designer and pose lovers should not miss. The vast array of designers involves speaks for itself and some of the sneak peaks I have seen are going to be very popular. Yes I gave into temptation once I tried the demo of the…

Hera Reigns

Hera was by no means innocent but a woman scorned is never a pretty site. Zues lets be honest wasn’t an ideal husband his extra-marital affairs and illegitimate kids. Most of us women nowadays wouldn’t be angels with a husband like that. Something new has this amazing pose with and without backdrop, a rebellious Queen came…