Be There


Cute as .

Be there, kind of a little follow on to my last blog but very much bought about because well suicide has very sadly hit our headlines again.

It is reported, Chris Cornell, a talented, well loved amazing voiced for some reason felt things was not right for him in this world and took his life. Whats frightening is in the last year in the UK there has been over 6000 reported suicides, thats over 16 a day!

Writing this at that point I sighed deeply, that means those people felt bad enough about their life to take it.

Be there, make a little time for those you care for, the feeling of being alone can be the worst in the world.


Pose-Luanes World-Falling Into Place- Tres Chic

Head and Body Applier- Lumae : Aurora LeLutka Appliers

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Nails-Astralia – Compatible mesh nails system

Hair-Moon– Melpomene- LuxBox May

Head-LeLutka Mesh Head-Simone Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Romper-Paper Arrow Co– Embroidered Romper- LuxBox May

Rings- Supernatural– Lila- MeshBodyAddicts

511 Luxe Box Heaven


I have adored all the Luxebox I have been lucky enough to get, this month was no different. In fact this month I loved it!!!

I am going to share some awesome stuff with you, sadly I am having issues with video capture right now so am doing it the old fashioned blog way.


Probably my fave piece from this round was the Tee*fy dress, Hailey Dress has a skirt and top part of this dress change colour independently the cut and style is awesome dress it up and be glam or go casual and be very skater girl style the choice is yours!

Hair in this picture is also from Luxe Box and is from Lamb. Film School has a fat pack with colours for all.

Empire has given us the cute Virginia boots,  and they like always have the beautiful customisation you would expect. I absolutely love the way we get so much customisation with Empires foot wear, making it so easy to personalise your boots to you!

Pose above and below is from Fashiowl and is available at Enchantment.


Rowne as always showed us some amazing class  with Dasha for their Guest Appearance, this beautiful classy dress oozes class, in stunning colour options this is one every girl should have you never know when your going to need to be a little classy!

 Luxe RedIson has a way with dresses that just makes me melt and Layla is one of those dresses, honestly how beautiful, I feel like a superstar in this dress. Ison’s texturing is amazing and the lifelikeness of the material is just stunning.

The Pose above and below is from Image Essentials and is  available at The Pretty Things Event.It is another great set of Bento compatible poses. More details and links in final credits.


Oh Blueberry, seriously is there anything that isn’t simply gorgeous from this lady. I love this simple hooded top. Cutietop comes with a fatpack and texture change independently on the top and laces.

Moon released Anantra as featured in the above 2 pictures and those below. Very delicate, very stunning half up, half down! Fatpack colours included.


Foxes beautiful cami, the lace and top do colour change independently so you can make this match so much, daywear or night wear this camisole is simple but alluring.


Azuchi has given us Monica an aztec style top has us getting ready to take in some Spring sun. The cut once again is stunning and ready to be worn with skirts, jeans or shorts.


Tarte knows after a long hard day being Fashionistas in second life we need to lay our head down and chill easily and well this Chloe bed does just that. Single and Couple animation loaded this bed is super cute!!


MishMish gave us another stunning pet- Fancy Turtle comes with a free standing version and a companion version of this cute little turtle. There is a hud so the little gems that are on this babies shell can be changed! Mine is just having a blast on our picnic table right now!

So I am sure you can see there is an amazing collection this month, if you wasn’t lucky enough to have it before you can still grab it up now.


Pose in Pictures 1 and 2- Fashiowl– my little boy  – Enchantment

Pose in Pictures 3 and 4- Image Essentials– Succubus- Pretty Things

IE - Succubus

Chair in Pictures 5 and 6-Concept Clever Bench. PG. RARE- Kustom9

Build used in pictures 1-7- :HAIKEI: like a humid day_Gacha / RARE- Kustom9

Head,Hand and Body Applier- Wow Skins- Mandy- Designer Circle

Body/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hands- Vista Animations-Bento Pro Hands

Finger Nails- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails– Hypnotic Hearts- xoxo hunt

Jeans worn in picture 5 Blueberry– Rica Skinny Jeans

Other credits as in blog! Items taken from Luxe Box February 2017

510 Sweet Strings


Sweet Strings

Growing up string instruments was never very cool, ok Bass Guitars are maybe the exception to that but increasingly thanks to amazing musicians people of all ages are falling in love with these instruments and keeping them alive.

Something New has released this amazing pose at the Love Interruption event, Naked Strings is a stunning pose with or without clothes!

The Skin I am wearing is Mandy and its a new release at Designer Circle for Wow Skins. Coming in all the normal shades this skin is for the catwa bento heads.

The Avenue is well into the February round and if you haven’t been yet you really should, this beautiful dress is a release from KIB and there is 3 great options for pattern with it, it comes in slink sizes, rigged and fitted sizes. Wearing Maitreya I managed to slip into one of the rigged options easily.

IT has released this buckled collar also at The Avenue event. it has rings one side and detailed buckles on the other.


Pose- Something New– Naked Strings- Love Interruption

SN~ Naked Strings 1.png

Head and Body Applier- Wow Skins- Mandy- Designer Circle

 Mandy Catwa bento applier 200 L!! only

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Finger Nails- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails– Eat Your Heart Out- Love Interruption

Koffin Nails - Fatpack - Eat Your Heart Out

Hair – Moon Hair-Anatra –Luxe Box Feb

Head-Catwa– Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Dress- KiB– Serenity-The Avenue

Shoes- Slipper Originals–Chloe- Chapter Four

Collar- IT– Buckled Collar- The Avenue

Happy Halloween Everyone


For New Year I did a bumper post so I decided to do the same for Halloween.


First picture is a pose from Something New, pssst their Halloween store is currently on sale! This pose however is currently available at the Oh The Horror Cart Sale.

My Skin was a skin from Halloween last year from Lumae and she very gracefully made it a group gift this year.


This hat was a must have from Astralia, The Cast a spell hat and is available at the Kawaii Project, I loved the quirkiness of this hat and the fact that because of the included hud you can change it too match just about anything.

Me Sew Sexy is at it again with this cute little number at Sanarae, it does have numerous colour options, for me the black was just a little haunting for Halloween with a cute factor.

The Cat that Got The Cream

When you hear 2 awesome designers have collaborated on something special for Halloween you can be sure of a treat and Reign and Besom did not disappoint with the awesome Halloween releases.

I really did feel like a naughty cat woman I wonder where my batman is! The price for each is amazing especially when you look at the fact the 200 for Reign includes three pairs of boots! 100 for hair and mask is also amazing. They are separate and the hair is one you are going to want to wear again and again! Think I need to head back for more colours! These special prices go away as Halloween ends so hurry on over!


Picture 1 Pose –Something New– Winced Headstone- Oh The Horror Cart Sale

Picture 2 Pose- WetCat– Glance Curtain

Pose 3- Evolove– Bad Ass

Picture 1- Head and Body Applier- Lumae :Niska – Varda – Lady Death (Current Group Gift In Notices)

Pictures 2 and 3- Head and Body Applier- Lumae :: Eirtae – T5 – Dolce // Showgirl

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails – Triskaidekaphobia 13- The Nightmare Event

Picture 1 Hair- Moon– Pixie Harlow- Previous Group Gift

Picture 2 Hair- Wasabi Pills– Dekota

Picture 3 Hair and Mask- Besom– Glam Claws

Head- Akeruka– Aurora

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Picture 1- Top and Trousers- Masoom– Elvina- Shop Till you drop LL Event

Picture 2- Shorts, Top and Bra- Me Sew Sexy– Little Doe- Sanarae

Picture 2- Hat- Astralia– Cast A Spell On you-Kawaii

Picture 3- Body Suit/Boots and Tail-Reign– Glam Claws Collection

Aegeans sadness



What becomes of the sadness, where does it really go. Its odd that up and down you get. But the down side is definitely more prominent than the upside.

Does anyone really understand you, do they know how you feel, how, why, what to say at the right time.

Honestly when I took these pictures I wasn’t thinking of Bi-polar or depression but the picture spoke out to me shortly after a chat with a real life friend. If you do not want to hear my random ramblings please skip down the page. She has struggled hugely lately to feel comfortable in her own skin, she didn’t feel like she could achieve anything and in all honesty her negativity was holding her back, this didn’t trigger the doctors visit it was words from family and friends following an erratic episode. My friend went from someone I was struggling to support because of how down they was to being someone who was out there pepping everyone along, she wasn’t her normal self she was like herself on speed for about a week that was till she was out running one night when stopped by a gang of lads, she honestly thought she could take them all on, she ended up in a bad way, thanks to a passer by was lucky it wasn’t a lot worse.

Not many people understand or even truly know what bipolar is. But with one in 100 people being affected it something we all should. I wanted to share this video with you all in hope that someone may learn something.

Bipolar, depression and anxiety are all very real, the people living with them have to deal with them daily, and todays society can be so mean. If along your way you meet someone, remember to be compassionate you just don’t know where they are coming from or how they feel. Remember to treat people as you would like your loved ones to be treated.

I wrote a real life blog for some time on many things depression and abuse included in the subjects, I know first hand how damaging letting mental illness control your actions can be, sadly now does someone I care about. The diagnosis is just the start, telling those people you know friends, family, work colleagues is a total other.


I loved putting this piece together the dress a new release from Posh Pixels and is available at designer circle and is an exclusive, in fit mesh for mesh bodies and with 10 colour choices on the hud this dress should be in everyones collection.

This stunning skin is a new release from Lumae and is available at We ❤ Roleplay. Adore and Niska versions are available at 50% of the normal price. I honestly get excited when I know Lumae is releasing a new fantasy skin because I know the smoothness and quality is awesome and the attention to detail is something we all want!

Aegean comes in a pack with all of the current appliers Lumae supplies which really is a bumper pack. Including Omega Head and Body, Omega Petite Body, The Mesh Project Head and Body, SLink Hands, Feet, Physique and Visage, Maitreya Body, LeLutka Head, Genesis Lab Head, Eve’olution Head and AMD Baby Bump.

The scene and pose for this pic was from Terra Design, the Crypt itself you see in the background does have its own animations built in but for the purpose of this picture I used it as a backdrop, for one of their Female 08 poses.

Pose-Terra Design-  F_38_mirror- Female 08 Fatpack

Crypt- – terra design – Crypt 2014

What I am wearing.

Hair –Moon. Hair. // Bones

Head, Skin & Body Appliers-Lumae– Niska – Aegean :: Dotted Brow / Eyeliner- We ❤ Roleplay

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye

Nails- DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Leather & Gloss

Dress Posh Pixels – Jillian Mesh Body- Designer Circle Exclusive

Snake- +Half-Deer+ Baby Cornsnake Arm Coil -Night


Leaving You Weeping


Leaving You Weeping

You know those memories they haunt your soul, that pain and terror you put me through, well now,

I leave you weeping!

Pose – Belle Poses– Tanya

Light- Black Tulip– Weeping Ghost – Hocus Pocus

What I am wearing.

Hair-Moon-Pixie Harlow- Group Gift

Head, Skin & Body Appliers-Lumae–Niska – 4 – Peach // Bare

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Mayfly – Luminous Aurora – Mesh Eye

Tattoo- [Kharma]– Phoenix tattoo

Dress and Boots- CODE0711 – Karinn jumpers dress Black and Salem  Boots

Mask, Zombie Hand and Zombie Head- .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Wayward Halloween – Gacha- Wayward Halloween


Burn Burn Burn


Burn Burn Burn

4 amazing events and finds for your weekend.

Cosmopolitans new round will have you posing and smoking with this pose, prop window, lighter and cigarette. It is a unisex pose set and has 14 different poses included.

Kaithleen’s will be over at Pastel Goth which opened yesterday with her set of over-sized tunics, available in multiple colours with and without cross, standard and fitted mesh sizes, they really are so cute blogged the purple but have been in and out of the black which looks cute even as a sweater dress.

Kustom 9 has so many awesome 9 linden presents out to celebrate their anniversary and this hair by moon is a cute offering as well.

I have loved the cleavage sim for some time, from my days with my lolas I wanted applier fashion that was well made and cute and this sim has some amazing designers. Lubbly Jubblies kicked off this round on the 15th, and these heavenly pants are available there. Of course I chose the leopard print but there is 6 options total and available with Bellezea, Omega and Maitreya appliers.

WetCat-“Smoke” Window Prop UNISEX- Cosmopolitan

What I am wearing.

Hair – Moon. Hair. // Bones

Head, Skin & Body Appliers-Lumae– Adore : 4 – Peach :: Ocean {Freck/LightBrow}

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Mayfly – Luminous Aurora – Mesh Eye

Tunic- Kaithleen’s Juki Pastel Goth Tunic – Purplecross- Pastel Goth Fair 2015

Jeans- B&C by Legal Insanity – Ginger black jeans leopard- Lubbly Jubblies

Tattoo- [White~Widow] Southpaw – Henna –The Epiphany Gacha Event