The 80’s rocked it is official!!

  1. We had no mobile phones, texts was delivered face to face or by written note.
  2. Shell suits was so very popular yes I had one neon green and black, why did they not survive, probably due to their highly flammable nature.
  3. Music cassetes and the amazing gaming devices aka Atari(Playing ping for hours)
  4. The internet was not really here, but here in the UK we had an information highway built into our TV’s called Ceefax.
  5. The Patrick Swayze era, good old roadhouse and Dirty Dancing. Swoooon.
  6. Team Cyndi or Team Madonna- back then probably more team Madonna, down to the crazy dressing up.
  7. Alf the greatest extraterrestial ever alive, even if he wasn’t a fan of cats.
  8. BK Knights and LA Gear was the most awesome trainer brand!

And so much more! We played out till it was dark, never really worrying about anything.

Communication and having fun was much less complicated back then.

The neons was high fashion, fun was a must and roller discos was the place to be!

Thanks Rewind for helping me very much relive and relove this era!


Pose- Image Essentials– SultryV2

Head and Body Applier-WoW Skins-Reema catwa – MeshBodyAddicts

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Outer Limites- Genre

Hair -Doe: Pippy (twotone) – Colors-Rewind

Head- Catwa Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Dress- Masoom– Saleena Dress- Rewind

Roller Boots and Socks-Reign– Derby Skates W/Plain Socks- (MAITREYA)- #15- Rewind

Necklaces and Chokers- Supernatural–Gabriella- The Gacha Garden

Glasses-Minimal – 80s Ashley Glasses -Pink- Rewind

Background- Astralia– Throne of Awesome- Rewind

Music and Love


Love and Music

Music and Love are such healing items, no matter how you feel a little love can lift you and there is always a song that can make you smile!

Love and Music

This amazing couple pose from P.O.S.E, Autumn Kisses is available at this round of the Pose Hop. It takes those moments when you look into someone’s eyes before kissing them and makes it a reality in our little virtual world.

I am espechially happy now that I am returning back home to be taking my blogger position back up with Kay from Lushish Catz she has been busy this summer I see and am happy to be able to show you this outfit, this is one of three different colour schemes in this fitted mesh out available at the Pretty Things event of which Lushish Catz is a sponsor.

Wetcat also has been busy this summer and below I am using one of her recent releases at the Expose event.

Love and Music
The Guitar comes in male and female versions and multiple poses for each sex are available. As always Wet Cat is hitting a right good chord!

Love and Music One thing I really love about this community is the love, passion and care we can show each other in times of need.

The Book of Daniel is a fund raising event to help, Daniel Estro, at just 29 years old the co-owner of Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads has cancer.  This event has bought some very amazing designers together to help raise funds to help Daniel and his partner at this difficult time.

My beautiful hair and necklace in these pictures is just a small example of some amazing pieces designers have put up with a donation of each going to Daniels fund. Once again people support one of our extended family doing something most of us love to do and shop.

Daniel and Anais you are in my thoughts and prayers.

The Book of Daniel | Fundraising event


Couples Pose- P.O.S.E– Autumn Kisses- Pose Hop

Guitar and Poses- Wetcat playstrings Expose

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Wow Skins– Amber- Designer Showcase

Body, Feet & Hands Nails- Maitreya– Lara

Hair- Entwined– Dani- Book of Daniel

Head- Catwa– Destiny

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Lashes- SlackGirl– LaLux Lashes for CATWA HEADS

Top and Jeans- Lushish Catz– Kita- Pretty Things

Necklace- MINIMAL – Book of Daniel Necklace- Book of Daniel

Charms and Bracelet- CAE-Wanderlust :: Tropics

Shoes- REIGN.- April Sandals