Pieces of Me


Pieces of Me

You never know what your going to get in life, nor do you know where life will take you.

All you know is you have to take the ride as best you can!

 Pieces of Me

I really do love how bento has changed our second lives, our facial expressions, our ability to move hands normally.

Pieces of Me

I am adoring this new skin from Wow Skins, it is so English Rose, so natural.

Pieces of Me

Bridge and Island- Chez Moi- Enchanted Bridge- Decocrate June

Pose Pic 1 AND 2- *!R.O!* Polaroid BENTO Female Pose

Pose Pic 3- Foxcity– Hypnose

Head and Body Applier-WoW Skins– Gemma- Kinky

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hair- Lamb– Asleep –Arcade June 2017

Head-LeLutka Mesh Head-Simone Bento

Dress-MeSewSexy-Summer Chic Dress- Chapter Four

Nails-Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Totally Tight Tips- Vintage Fair




Happy Mothers day to all those Mothers in the UK today, I hope your day is super special and any kids you have, have reflected on how super awesome you are!

I have been waiting to use this beautiful pose from Luane’s World for some time and the way it suited with this dress and boots had me so happy.

It is a new erotic pose but as I think I have shown it can work well with not so erotic but sexy poses too.

My dress is a new release from Me Sew Sexy at Sanarae which opens today! Fitting the maitreya body perfectly and coming in a range of 6 colours this dress is uber cute and a little sexy!

My boots are still the Enertia boots from yesterday but they just fitted this outfit so so well.


Shi really does bring out my wild side, this hair like many of theirs I would describe as so so edgy and I love it!

Pose-Luanes World– The Sexiest Thing

Head and Body Applier- Wow SkinsPam- Designer Circle

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Union Jack- World Tour Hunt 2017

Hair- Shi-Undercut-Uber

Head- Catwa  Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Dress-MeSewSexy– Tiered Mess Dress- Sanarae OPENS 7PM SLT

Boots- Enertia-Ibiza Platform Heels

Please Release Me


Please Release Me

Events are spread across the grid with so much awesomeness this month be sure to shop around as you don’t want to miss a thing.

My pretty lingerie set is available from Me Sew Sexy at On9, there is a sheer and solid version available in a range of colours. I love red bet you never knew that(sarcasm) so here is the red version.


My garters are from Supernatural and available at MBA, there is an optional skirt also included in the pack(not shown here).

The cage and pose set I am using is from Evolove at another event, this time TLC for March, the fatpack includes a great variety of 20 poses!

Pose-Evolove– Captivity Fatpack- TLC

Head and Body Applier- Lumae : Aurora LeLutka Appliers –  The Skin Fair

Body/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hands- Vista Animations-Bento Pro Hands

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Beyond Basic SuperSet- MBA Monthly

Hair-pr!tty – Selena

Head-LeLutka Mesh Head-Simone Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Lingerie- Me Sew Sexy– Dream Lingerie- On9

Garters-Supernatural-Grace- MBA

496 Lay It Down



Hi Everyone, first of all apologies I have been a little sick so been quiet the last 2 days still not 100% but fingers crossed on the mend.

Sanarae has opened and this beautiful new lingerie set from MeSewSexy can be found there is a whole host of colours, it is awesome and very much something that is going to be lighting fires!

This shows more of the awesome Dream Catcher tattoo from White widow as well, I love this tattoo and its vibe!

The talented besom has been at it again and produced this lovely mid length hair for Uber. I love the fullness of this hair as well as for me the perfect length. Also an amazing customer service thanks for sorting my delivery problem Besom!

Lay it down

Poses- Q Poses– Surrender- Cosmopolitan

Head and Body Applier- Lumae : Ruby for Catwa – Dolce

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Finger Nails- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails– Jewelled Ombre Solids- MBA Event

Hair- Besom– Sierra- Uber

Head-Catwa– Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Lingerie- Me Sew Sexy– Miko Lingerie- Sanarae

Tattoo- White Widow– DreamCatcher

473 Warmth



So for me like many others the Christmas Holidays came to a very abrupt end when we went back to work!

The walk to work at 530am this morning was indeed a cold one and was a reminder that Winter has only really just got started!

Me Sew Sexy has released this cute bunny jacket at Sanarae, with hood up or down options its a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. In 6 different colours so you can surely find one that suits!


Blueberry got busy before Christmas and she gave us some bootylicious leggings. The fat pack is a must because not only will you get great booty, you will also have so many options whether you want to dress them up, down, work out or sleep in them there is something for everything and the fatpack exclusives are very cute!

Blue also released some amazing boots there is so many different options with these and the colour options match with blues other huds.


Pose –Purple Poses– Gypsy

Head and Body Applier- Lumae : Yulia LeLutka Appliers – Dolce

Body/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hands- Vista Animations-Bento Pro Hands

Finger Nails- LaBoheme– Holiday Gift

Hair- Mina– Yuliya

Head-LeLutka Mesh Head-Simone Bento V2

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Coat-Me Sew Sexy– Bunny Hoodie

Leggings- Blueberry – Cake

Boots- Blueberry -Cupcake Boots

Happy Halloween Everyone


For New Year I did a bumper post so I decided to do the same for Halloween.


First picture is a pose from Something New, pssst their Halloween store is currently on sale! This pose however is currently available at the Oh The Horror Cart Sale.

My Skin was a skin from Halloween last year from Lumae and she very gracefully made it a group gift this year.


This hat was a must have from Astralia, The Cast a spell hat and is available at the Kawaii Project, I loved the quirkiness of this hat and the fact that because of the included hud you can change it too match just about anything.

Me Sew Sexy is at it again with this cute little number at Sanarae, it does have numerous colour options, for me the black was just a little haunting for Halloween with a cute factor.

The Cat that Got The Cream

When you hear 2 awesome designers have collaborated on something special for Halloween you can be sure of a treat and Reign and Besom did not disappoint with the awesome Halloween releases.

I really did feel like a naughty cat woman I wonder where my batman is! The price for each is amazing especially when you look at the fact the 200 for Reign includes three pairs of boots! 100 for hair and mask is also amazing. They are separate and the hair is one you are going to want to wear again and again! Think I need to head back for more colours! These special prices go away as Halloween ends so hurry on over!


Picture 1 Pose –Something New– Winced Headstone- Oh The Horror Cart Sale

Picture 2 Pose- WetCat– Glance Curtain

Pose 3- Evolove– Bad Ass

Picture 1- Head and Body Applier- Lumae :Niska – Varda – Lady Death (Current Group Gift In Notices)

Pictures 2 and 3- Head and Body Applier- Lumae :: Eirtae – T5 – Dolce // Showgirl

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails – Triskaidekaphobia 13- The Nightmare Event

Picture 1 Hair- Moon– Pixie Harlow- Previous Group Gift

Picture 2 Hair- Wasabi Pills– Dekota

Picture 3 Hair and Mask- Besom– Glam Claws

Head- Akeruka– Aurora

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Picture 1- Top and Trousers- Masoom– Elvina- Shop Till you drop LL Event

Picture 2- Shorts, Top and Bra- Me Sew Sexy– Little Doe- Sanarae

Picture 2- Hat- Astralia– Cast A Spell On you-Kawaii

Picture 3- Body Suit/Boots and Tail-Reign– Glam Claws Collection

What’s Underneath


What's Underneath

“People say I make strange choices, but they’re not strange for me. My sickness is that I’m fascinated by human behaviour, by what’s underneath the surface, by the worlds inside people.” Johnny Depp

That really is the story of my life and it has taken on me so many journeys with so many incredible people, if I had judged from that I first saw about them I probably never would have dealings with them again.

I have been asked in both worlds on occasion “Why do you hang with that Person?” , “What do you see in them?”. My simple answer normally is I get them I like them, you should get to know them better.

Whats Underneath2.jpg

I have great pleasure in introducing one of my new sponsors; Me Sew Sexy.

Me Sew Sexy designed by Jaylen Oh, specialise in original mesh creations like this beautiful lingeries set I am wearing in the pictures in this post.

They are part of a Gacha available at On9.


The detailing is so cute! I am sure I can see some people getting hot under the collar with how hot this set is as well.

whats underneath1.jpg

Pose- RoLu Poses– Now Your a star

What Anna is Wearing.

Head Applier- .::WoW Skins::. Samantha Catwa and Lipstick

Skin & Body Appliers-.::WoW Skins::. Maitreya Bronze Cleavage

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails – Next November- Pumpkin Town

Hair- D!VA– Daisy

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Lingerie-Me Sew Sexy– Eve- On9

Petals- E.V.E. Whispers- The Chapter Four