Good Girls are Bad Girls That Don’t Get Caught

  Collabor88 has gone all espionage on us for this round. Spy goodies sexy outfits, hairs, poses, furniture and more. It is busy but worth it without a shadow of a doubt and I am sure this wont be my only visit this round. Label Motions Agnes is the poses used in both pictures in…


Who doesn’t love to dance! I know I love to dance, here there and everywhere! I was lucky enough growing up to do ballet and gymnastics but as a tall, heavy boned girl, I loved it but the people who taught it didn’t love me. // !bang are releasing the stunning ballerina pose set at…

Cozy Days

// I know Christmas is nearly here when I think oooo last Friday before Christmas, thats this week by the way, so this weekend we found some time in world to capture some Christmas couple poses and some family bits for the full details and more couple poses check out PoseSL. As much as this…

Naughty Or Nice, Something Erotic, Flippant & Chez Moi

// Ho Ho Ho Sexy Ho is an exclusive available at the Naughty or Nice event that is open till the 15th December, 5 single poses available individually or as a pack.   Also available at the event is a couple exclusive, Naughty but Oh So Nice. A bit of naughty never harmed anyone! I…

They have Gifts!

I Bring Gifts

December is here and advent calenders from our glorious creators in second life have popped up.

The pose above is one of Reel Poses Advent Gifts and their advent calender can be found in store, you do need to be in their group but its free!!  So hop along and join up asap, then head over daily and get hoarding some magnificent poses.

Another pose creator with an advent calender out is Signature Poses.
Signature Pose - 25 Days of Poses

Once again you will need a g

Red Winter- Advent at Signature Poses

Red Winter

Winter its crisp whiteness looks great with a bit of red thrown in!

Signature poses is rewarding its loyal customers with an advent calender, you can head over daily and pick up the daily advent gift. You do need to be in their V.I.P group (30Lindens).

I am in pose 1 now! I will pop and collect pose 2 a little later!

Happy Hump Day!

Pose Signature Poses– Advent Calender Day 1

What I am Wearing.

Head, Skin & Body Appliers-Lumae Niska –

Witchy- Gifts!!

  Its October that means that Halloween is just around the corner. This cute and irresistible pose is from Something New and available at Daddy’s Secret Garden as a sponsor gift. I knew it would look just perfect paired up with this Witchy Outfit from Flippant, it is available both in world as a group…

Silent Whisper – Remembering

  September 11th for those who are old enough to remember that day will be etched in our mind for years to come. For me like the bombings in London July 7th.  What an incredibly wrong world it is, a world where fellow humans want to hurt, kill and put suffering on other innocent people….

Pretty at The Summer Trace

Tanya (Dress Pretty Play Dirty) is the brand new release from M&M Incorporated, with standard clothing layers, Omega, TMP and Slink appliers it really does suit practically everyone. Available in a multiple colours shown here in Barbie. // The Trace is about to have a season change if you haven’t yet visited the beautiful summer…

Sitting Pretty

Middle of the month events seem as popular as start of the month events and as a creator having them spread a little helps. I have visited a few in the last few days and am going to share some posts in the next few days to cover them all. Lubbly Jubblies is back and…