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I have featured the Nouvelle Aventures sim before, but I have to say the variety and beautiful spots here have me wanting to kidnap addy to finish my final quarter sim build. Great job with amazing variety.

Pose wise within this blog I am using 2 different sets from Image Essentials, both are available from The Hipster Fair.

Steps is above and comes with 7 poses and mirrors, it is a great set with great sit poses.

Just Exploring

The second pictures pose is a bento enabled pose with the camera. phone and bag prop included.Chic Traveller has me already to travel again, do not worry I wont be disappearing.

Isn’t this dress cute, brand new release for Tres Chic from Kaithleens. Before I took my break this morning I had been blogging for Kaithleen for some time, the progress and development is easy to see and I admire how her hard work is really paying off. I love this dress, multiple colour options and fat packs are available. So go check them out.

My Heels are great and I love that Spring is just round the corner Slipper Originals have released Pandora at The Hipster fair. The hud gives you so many options that you wont be disappointed.

Pose Picture 1- Image Essentials– Steps- The Hipster Fair

Pose Picture 2- Image Essentials– Chic Traveller- The Hipster Fair

Head and Body Applier- Lumae Ella -Enchanted-Enchantment

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Finger Nails- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails– Hypnotic Hearts- xoxo hunt

Hair – D!va-Asami

Head-Catwa– Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Dress-Kaithleen’s Warmer Dress – Purple- Tres Chic

Shoes-Slipper Originals– Pandora- The Hipster Fair

Fall And Family


Family Fall Time

It is not that I don’t like fall I do because the colours and beauty of nature is amazing, but on my travels this summer I met lots of different people all with differing views on so much.

Fall to some is beauty to others they don’t see it like that. I sat and spoke to an older lady as she was travelling on her own and her view on fall is this, as the season changes from Summer to Autumn we see the pretty  shed their life and beauty and in some cases die. I was quick to add but it also enables rebirth in the future, she advised me the future is no guarantee. She was far from a negative person from my other chats with her I can tell you she was probably one of the most inspiring people I met, at 82 she was travelling and visiting all the places she has wanted to in her life but never done. She has some bucket list of places let me tell you and in each place she has something to do. She is well aware she may not get to every place but she has said as long as she can, she will! We could all learn a lot from that. She talked about her family, her husband sadly not here any more but her kids supporting her every place she visits!

Family is so important and even those who do not think they are heavily into family roleplay in second life if they look a little deeper they will see in their close knit groups a kind of family, different people take different roles, it happens all around us in society continuously.

This last week quite by accident I fell upon a photo on flickr of a wee one looking for a family, she is also a blogger and an animal lover, I messaged her and well that as they say is history. There is an easy connection between all of us forming which isn’t easy with our family with me and Steel having been together years and Zoey having been with us nearly 2 now. Here is to hoping things go well and that we see some collaboration blog posts very soon.

This pose is a great one for those awesome fall pictures and is a new release from Something New, Ally and Jake have been busy getting a Halloween store all set up for you.  It comes with poses for four as seen but there is extra kid baskets if you need them!


I did not dress everyone for this picture so can not tell you what everyone is wearing but by all means as always feel free to contact the others to get their information.

Pose- Something New– Halloween Wagon – Halloween Shop for them Here

What I am Wearing.

Head Applier- .::WoW Skins::. Soraya Bronze Catwa- Fluffy and Fierce

Skin & Body Appliers-.::WoW Skins::. Maitreya Bronze Cleavage

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails –  Sedate Me

Hair-  Ison-Rose

Head- Catwa– Destiny

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Romper Suit- Kaithleens– Carolyn Vintage Romper Suit

Charms and Bracelet- CAE-Wanderlust :: Tropics

Necklace and Earrings-Real Evil Industries -Lux Celeste- Group Gift

My Cup Runneth Dry


My Cup Run Dry

I class myself as incredibly lucky I am in an amazing place in the world that people visit from all over the world.

I spend my days walking around a beach resort in what seems like eternal sunshine, but I still miss so much from home.

The rain, nope when I am home I am not a fan but the occasional downpour the freshness it leaves I miss that.

Home comforts, the ability to watch TV, have a shower whenever (morning showers here are cold, the water is heated by solar) and the simple things like the animals I live with,  friends and family.

I have found the lack of being able to really communicate difficult, in some ways it has probably been really good for me, but there is people that I genuinely care about and love not being able to be there for them has been the worst.

The break from blogging has had me writing a lot and realising just how much I love to write, but I am still very much a factual writer I have made a diary throughout my time here and reading back there is a real mix of emotions. The break really did show me some amazing creators and event runners who was very understanding, most keeping me active within their groups and saying return when you can, others wishing me luck and asking me to let them know when I return. I will not return fully till probably the end of September so I will not commit back to as many as I was till then, but those I do still have I will try to throw a post out occasionally.

When homesickess really kicked my ass 4-5 weeks ago I very much felt like my cup was dry, whatever I did felt wrong and the distance from my 2 nephews felt like worlds away. This new pose from Something New available in the Main Store just seemed to fit the mood and feeling so well.

Being able to get back into world the last 4 days has been amazing, spending time with my amazing family and finally getting to change clothes felt real good!

Blogger packs for me are still a great thing and I honestly go ooooo whats this like!

Lumae has been one of my sponsors since the very early days, her imagination with skins is out of this world. She uses so many different themes and ideas. Her tones match amazingly and her attention to detail is fantastic.

She has released a group of skins at the Mesh Body Addicts fair, which is a must have for anyone to visit. 6 new and exclusive fantasy tones make up the collection available at the event. All priced at 50% of the normal price. Including appliers for
* LeLutka
* Catwa (via Omega)
* SLink Head
* Omega Head
* LOGO (via Omega)
* Maitreya Body
* Belleza Body
* SLink Body, Hands and Feet (Physique and Hourglass)
* Omega Body
* Omega Petite (via Omega)
* AMD Baby Bump
* Loud Mouth
* Nyam Nyam
* Sweetlips
* Kissers
* Bentbox Sylvan Ear Appliers
* Soul Ear Appliers

The box also includes Lumaes own Leevi elf ears (3 sizes available).

In the pictures above and below I am weaing Imryll.

If I just lay here


Q Poses has done it again with a new release in the main store, its a very sensual feeling pose, which for me can be used on dry land or in shallow water it really did help to show off the beauty of this stunning dress.The stunning little black dress is from Kaithleen’s and is available at Cosmopolitan. It is availble in a whole host of colours and mesh body compatible. Fitting my Belleza Isis like a glove!

The wonderful Doe has this amazing hair available at the Gacha Garden and KC has these sweet shoes. So don’t forget to go Gacha and see if you get lucky.

It was great to be able to blog tonight but now time is running on. Night Night all.

Pose1- Something New – Me and My Coffee

Pose 2- Q Poses– I’m Ready

Head, Skin & Body Appliers-Lumae– Eirtae – Imryll Bare- MBA Fair

Body, Feet & Hands Nails- Belleza– Isis

Hair- Doe– Mango – Gacha Garden

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Dress- Kaithleens– Lined Bottom Dress-Cosmopolitan

Shoes- KC– Charlotte Heels (Black Rare) – Gacha Garden



Out for a Cycle


Out for a Cycle

I do think daily how lucky I am to be blessed with the awesome sponsors I have that have faith in me continuously to blog their creations.

I have been part of Kaithleen’s blogging team now for some time and the variety and sheer quality of everything she does is wonderful. Just like this cute dress available at MBA this month, its vintage but modern, the cut of the mesh is amazing and the textures are amazing!

Fashiowl another creator I have been with for some time now has some amazing poses available at the thrift shop and there all around getting on your bike, whether you be male, female or a couple there is something for you all. The bicycle prop has 4 adjustable poses included in the male and female version and 3 poses in the couples version.

Out for a Cycle

Mesh Body addicts is also hosting another two of my amazing sponsors.

Wow Skins has released the very pretty Mimi, I love this skin as pictured because of its very natural beauty look. The applier come in 6 skin tones, each one with 3 eyebrow colours and a no eyebrows option, as well as 6 eye shadow options.

Dark Passions has released some omg stunning  nails. Words really can not explain these I put the hud on and argued in my head for about 10 minutes about which one to wear! I am wearing one of the options of call of the sea above. Both this and the Turquoise temptation applier are exclusives to the event and are suitable for  Slink, Belleza & Maitreya Nails.

Pose- Fashiowl– Spring Bicycle- Thrift Shop

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Wow Skins–Mimi- Mesh Body Addicts

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails –Call of The Sea- Mesh Body Addicts

Hair- pr!tty – Gigi – [Blonde Ombres]- The Chapter 4

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Leg Tattoo- Flippant– Flower Vine Leg Tattoo- Swank

Dress- Kaithleens– Vintage Spring Dress Mesh Body Addicts

Shoes- Elysium – Line pointy flats – Midnight Madness May

Snappy Selfie


Snappy Selfie

Life is likea camera, focus on whats important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out take another shot!

So I took a selfie 😛

Pose and Phone Prop- Repose– Self Assured

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae– Eirtae – T4 – Fawn // Cheri – March Genre

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails –Night Shade- 20Twenty Shopping

Hair- Mina Hair –Irma- Gacha Garden

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Tattoo- White Widow– Footloose

Top- Kaithleens -Tape Top with Chain –Cosmopolitan

Skirt- Hucci– Freeport- Uber

Antlers- Atooly– Fairy Antlers (Summer Light Rare)- Gacha Garden

Belly Chain- Tantalum~ Mary Bellychain- Revamped


Back To Black


Back to BlackThe Black Fashion Fair is open this weekend and I don’t know why but I always think of the song Back to Black and the talented Amy Winehouse when I do.

I have spoken recently about a documentary film made about her life, that the family apparently was not too impressed with. I watched it laughed and cried and watched the story as a tremendously talented individual, slowly slipped away eventually dying of Alcohol Poisoning at the age of just 27.

There is something very captivating about this ladys voice and the messages she got across in her songs so uniquely, and sadly her story was not all the positive it should have been and she struggled very much with the fame it seems. Her mum has also wrote a book, and trust me this is not one to read in public as it is heartbreaking in places.  I hope shes at piece and I know whenever I am having a bad day I can sing along to Amy and feel like I am putting the world to rights. Thankyou for the Music!

Amazing fashion awaits you at The Black Fashion Fair like the stunning backdrop dress from Kaithleens. Coming in black with Silver, Gold or White.

Back to Black

Dark Passions, Koffin Nails, is releasing some amazing nails for the event as well, I am wearing a 1linden gift for the event aged to perfection so pop over and grab it up and check out the other awesome releases whilst your there.


The stunning pose I am using is available at Tres Chic and is from Luanes world, with paper you can texture change should you so wish and the cloth included make yourself dance in the wind. Take a visit to the stunning sim as well where the pictures was taken.


Pose- Luanes World- Letters In the Wind- Tres Chic

What I am Wearing.

Head, Skin & Body Appliers-Lumae– Eirtae Dolce-T5

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails –  Aged to Perfection- Black Fashion Fair

Hair- TRUTH HAIR Kora- Epiphany

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Lashes- [theSkinnery] Hard Rock Lashes Pack for Catwa (Previous Gift)

Dress- Kaithleens Beaded Dress- Silver and Black- Black Fashion Fair

Boots- REIGN.– Patent Mishi Thigh High Boots- BLACK



Under my Umbrella


Under My Umbrella

You can weather the storm as long as there is someone who will be your umbrella, someone who will be by your side no matter what!

Q Poses has released this stunning Pose and Prop set at The Pose Lover Event, stand with 5 poses and this stunning Parousel looking umbrella. It could be used in a casual look like here or look equally as good with a gown.

Reign is having a Spring madness sale need some new shoes now is the time. Inferno caught my eye!

Kaithleen’s has been busy and has some awesome new releases out, including this look available at Cosmopolitan.

Under My Umbrella

The Skirt comes with pants that are texture changeable and available to wear with or without the skirt.



Pose Q Poses– Sunny Day- Pose Lover Event

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae– Eirtae Dolce-T5- Skin Fair

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails –Spring Time Shevron- Mesh Body Addicts

Hair- Mina– Edith

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Aveline– Midnight Blue

Lashes- [theSkinnery] Hard Rock Lashes Pack for Catwa (Previous Gift)

Corset. Skirt and Pants- Kaithleens– Denim Bustier, Naughty Skirt & Pants- Cosmopolitan