Spring Crimson

Spring is here and I am glad to say the lighter flowing fabrics will soon be replacing our jumpers. This months uber has so much fresh and Spring stuff you don’t want to miss anything over there and you only have 2 weeks left! Grab up some awesome brightness like this stunning set from Masoom….

Family Pictures this Christmas

Merry Rain Christmas

Big thankyou to my awesome hubby Steel and to our awesome Babygirl for putting up with me in taking these pictures. Now let me tell you our babygirl had took 5 by the time I was lined up to take one!

Yes its now time for the family poses, I am going to mention 4 within this post I am sure there is many more available and if you are a creator and want me to blog it let me know, where possible I will try.

P.O.S.E. has released the awesome pose above and there is even room for another child balancing on top of the board if needed. As soon as I saw the vendor picture for this pose I knew it was going to be awesome and well it didn’t disappoint.
<a title="Merry Rain Christmas" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/annarain/2

60Linden Weekends, Chapter Four and The Makeover Room

Wow how this week has flown by, why not end it with a shopping weekend, there is so much going on. I loved this hair from Doe and well my avatar needs to keep fit we got mega excited about this cute work out set from Entice. I do love playing with Lumae‘s bare skins…

Silent Whisper – Remembering

  September 11th for those who are old enough to remember that day will be etched in our mind for years to come. For me like the bombings in London July 7th. ¬†What an incredibly wrong world it is, a world where fellow humans want to hurt, kill and put suffering on other innocent people….

Pretty at The Summer Trace

Tanya (Dress Pretty Play Dirty) is the brand new release from M&M Incorporated, with standard clothing layers, Omega, TMP and Slink appliers it really does suit practically everyone. Available in a multiple colours shown here in Barbie. //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js The Trace is about to have a season change if you haven’t yet visited the beautiful summer…

Sangria and Carnivals

There is so much going on right now event wise that you could skip from one to another daily. I like to get around all because designers work hard getting things ready for sale, and organisers work hard making sure everyone is set up, advertising/ promoting is done and that bloggers of course are selected…

Out of the Shadows

Sometimes you may feel like you don’t belong, feel like you don’t fit in, but you have to come out of the shadows be happy in yourself and then confidence will follow. Even in the crazy world of SL, people do not always feel accepted for who they are because they may choose to look,…

Surfs Up

It most certainly is and the good weather is on us, glad to be able to bring to you today another stunning bikini set, this one from Lushish Catz and has been released in the marketplace and in world. Vance is a cute bikini top and bottoms combined mesh and a separate skirt, 100% mesh…

Captured Moments

    So those who follow my Flickr will see a whole host of pics taken from a day of fun yesterday. My family in second life is a group of people that there is a connection with.Those connections on some days are more apparent than others, and honestly I am truly blessed to be…