My Cup Runneth Dry

I class myself as incredibly lucky I am in an amazing place in the world that people visit from all over the world. I spend my days walking around a beach resort in what seems like eternal sunshine, but I still miss so much from home. The rain, nope when I am home I am…

Family Pictures this Christmas

Merry Rain Christmas

Big thankyou to my awesome hubby Steel and to our awesome Babygirl for putting up with me in taking these pictures. Now let me tell you our babygirl had took 5 by the time I was lined up to take one!

Yes its now time for the family poses, I am going to mention 4 within this post I am sure there is many more available and if you are a creator and want me to blog it let me know, where possible I will try.

P.O.S.E. has released the awesome pose above and there is even room for another child balancing on top of the board if needed. As soon as I saw the vendor picture for this pose I knew it was going to be awesome and well it didn’t disappoint.
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Dr Seuss Coins it best.

” Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” The hate and the hurt I see around me really inspired this post. Why ask someone to change who they are, why not believe in them as a person, to suddenly after months…