Big Cats and sexy lingerie, a wicked combination.

For a limited time only this pose along with Big cat and whip is reduced in the Something Erotic main store. It has so many views available I used an aerial view but this pose would be useful for bloggers, blogging nails, shoes, Skin, Lingerie or even hair.

The Skin I am wearing within this post is so smooth and pretty Nadine is the new release for Wow Skins at Designer Choice.

My lingerie and shoes are new releases from Enelya’s creations, it is so awesome to be seeing new items coming from this not only affordable designer but also incredibly imaginative one.

Pose Something Erotic– Tamed- On Sale Limited Time

What I am Wearing

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Wow Skins– Nina- Designer Circle

Body, Feet & Hands Nails- Maitreya– Lara

Hair- Mina– Irma

Head- Catwa– Destiny

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Lashes- SlackGirl– LaLux Lashes for CATWA HEADS

Lingerie- Enelya’s Creations– Lani Maitreya

Shoes- Enelya’s Creations– Kate

Late Summer Thoughts


Late Summer ThoughtsSummer is nearly over even here in the Greek Islands, as much as most of this summer has been hard I have thoroughly enjoyed going back to a time when I was truely happy and settled. I don’t think I ever really lost the Overseas Rep role but it had to be the right time for me to jump back into it. I have learnt a lot about me, lost a little weight and learned that I still love Sun, Sea and Sand (even when its black and hot).

It has not all been roses I have missed my very dear real life nephews and so many of you, I am still missing spending time how I did when at home with those that are family to me here in this second life I live.

Late Summer Thoughts

Pose –Luanes World– To be understood (Couples Pose Prop but works well for singles as well)

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Wow Skins– July Group Gift

Body, Feet & Hands Nails- Belleza– Isis

Hair- Wasabi Pills- Ryleigh

Head- Catwa– Destiny- MBA Fair

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Dress- Mistique– Athena Pink- Totally Top Shelf

Shoes-.:EC:. Alzira


The Only Limit is your Imagination


The Only Limit is your Imagination

After all this time in second life I am still amazing at the imagination and pure genius of the creators within it.

The beauty at the current round of the Arcade shows this, the beautiful Manor from Dust Bunny, The unicorns from Half Deer and hair from Tableau Vivant.

The Only Limit is your//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

This sexy casual outfit from Entice at the Premium Only Event, is just awesome the time and care on the textures really does show.

Poses-Vestige – Sweent 2

What I am Wearing.

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- Le Forme Nora Skin TAN Applier- Flower Power

Body, Hands and Feet-Maitreya Lara

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Camouflage Mirage- Method Village

Hair- Tableau Vivant– Myu- Blondes Rare- The Arcade

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Aveline– Midnight Blue

Jacket,Top and Trousers- Entice – Ka-Ching! Outfit – Darks- Premium Only Event

Shoes- Enelya’s Creations– Alzira

House in Background- Dust Bunny– bluebell manor . RARE- The Arcade

Unicorns- Half Deer– Unicorn Story- The Arcade


Gift Wrapped Love


Gift Wrapped Love

Red an amazing Colour, hot, sensual and warm what more could you ask for.

Poses- Fashiowl– Love Hearts- Thrift Shop Love or Hate

What I am Wearing.

Head- DS’Elles– Lorie for catwa head- Black Dot ProjectComing Soon

Skin & Body Appliers- DS’Elles– Neva Applier

Body-Maitreya Lara

Hands and Feet- Slink

Lashes- DS’Elles– Lashes for Catwa Head

Fingernails- DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Heartbreaker- OtB: Bitter Love Gacha Fair

Hair- League 7– Scarlet- Totally Top Shelf

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Aveline– Midnight Blue

Tattoo-  Endless Pain– Drown- Totally Top Shelf

Shirt and Pants- BlackRose– Open Shirt Pin Strip Red- Swank

Shoes- Enelyas Creations– Louisa Heels

Beetle- CAL– Beetle- Swank


I see Red



Good Sunday Morning.

Lorena Red Remix is one a few new and updated releases this week from Enelya’s creations, there is so many wear options with this cute lingerie set that you can’t help but be happy. Here is a picture of the omega hud.

Evolove for me is about stunning poses, beauty and elegance come off in their releases. A photographers dream for sure! Very much like this pose. Windy moment has so many possibilities but for me it spoke out as being sensual and sexy enough to pull off this little lingerie set beautifully.

I see Red//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Pose by – EvoLove– Windy Moment

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- DS’ELLES– Rose Head- Anybody

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Nails- DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Pure Romance – Frosted

Hair- enVOGUE – Lauren Hair – GIFT Version

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Aveline– Midnight Blue

Lingerie- Enelyas Creations– Lorena Red Remix


It’s 2016!


New Year

Happy New Year!!

So 2016 is a leap year meaning no we don’t have 365 days we have 366 till we see it draw to an end.

I do believe you should look at your life as an ongoing page, don’t just look and review each new year, look, review and make changes as you go. Believe in your dreams and try your hardest to achieve whatever you wish for in life!

Something New poses has started the New Year with a new store and they have been busy busy filling it up with amazing poses. Rooms upon rooms all sorted and categorised for you! Yay for no hunting.

This new release pose Horse Love is available as are some gifts for you. I love both the poses within this set and having grew up around the country with a pony, there is some real feeling built into these poses.

New Year

Pose and Horse Prop- Horse Love- Something New

What I am Wearing.

Head, Skin & Body Appliers- .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Taylor Bronze Catwa appl./Maitreya Appl (The Makeover Room January)

Body, Feet & Hands-Maitreya Lara

Nails- DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Winter Glam

Hair- Mina Hair– Stella

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Aveline– Midnight Blue

Jumper- ::JK Style:: Lynetta

Jeans-  ::JK Style:: Lace Tights

Boots- Enelya’s Creations– Loud Boots

Fencing in background- Chez Moi

Horses (Not Pose Horse)- ABC


Enchanted to Meet You


Enchanted to  Meet You

One Big Universe and I had the pleasure of meeting you.

Sometimes its the very hard side of this virtual world that you lose people you get close and they walk away from this virtual world for whatever reasons.

This is a second life after all that first world has a way of sneaking up on us and taking us far away, from people we care for, sometimes love and normally someone we would call family or friends. Unlike the real world in this second life the people we have as family by the most part we have chosen.

We have to take these moments, and they sting they hurt, but we have to remember those moments which made you smile.

Remember how lucky we are to pass into each others paths, and how much of a pleasure it was!

I am lucky enough to be one of the beta testers for LumiPro 2016, if you have never looked at Lumipro before and your a blogger or photographer in second life, it really is a must to look at.

Pose- Black Tulip– When the Fairy Grew Up- Enchantment

What I am Wearing.

Head, Skin & Body Appliers-Lumae :: Niska : 5 – Amber :: Pumpkin {Freck/LightBrow}- 75 Linden Store Special

Body, Feet & Hands- Belleza– Freya

Hair- Pepe– Evelyn

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Aveline– Midnight Blue

Dress – Enelyas Creations– Amalla

Wings and HeadPiece- Eve – Ghost Chains- Jackpot Gacha

Tattoos- Arise– Peter Pan Tattoo 4- Enchantment

Bracelet- [MUSE] Neverland Bracelet  Enchantment