Is it Spring Yet?

Those days are still to far away for my liking but the winter hasn’t been that bad here yet. I am prepping up the home sim for spring anyway and it seems to be a relief for everyone now the snow has gone. Swank opens on the 7th January and is sure not to disappoint….


Who doesn’t love to dance! I know I love to dance, here there and everywhere! I was lucky enough growing up to do ballet and gymnastics but as a tall, heavy boned girl, I loved it but the people who taught it didn’t love me. // !bang are releasing the stunning ballerina pose set at…

Flaunt It

  I gave you all a sneak peak of this dress in the New Year Pose Blog but I wanted to come back to it. For me its one of those designs that didn’t need  big elaborate photo, it looked awesome simply set against a plain background.De Nova is a brand new release from Flippant….

Lady Death

Another reason to love Autumn, Halloween. So much fun. I saw this skins ad on flickr and was like wow awesome, never did I expect to read group gift, but I did. Lumae has created Lady Death as a in world group gift. It is perfectly shaded and looks amazing on. It comes with the following…

Out of the Shadows

Sometimes you may feel like you don’t belong, feel like you don’t fit in, but you have to come out of the shadows be happy in yourself and then confidence will follow. Even in the crazy world of SL, people do not always feel accepted for who they are because they may choose to look,…