My Cup Runneth Dry


My Cup Run Dry

I class myself as incredibly lucky I am in an amazing place in the world that people visit from all over the world.

I spend my days walking around a beach resort in what seems like eternal sunshine, but I still miss so much from home.

The rain, nope when I am home I am not a fan but the occasional downpour the freshness it leaves I miss that.

Home comforts, the ability to watch TV, have a shower whenever (morning showers here are cold, the water is heated by solar) and the simple things like the animals I live with,  friends and family.

I have found the lack of being able to really communicate difficult, in some ways it has probably been really good for me, but there is people that I genuinely care about and love not being able to be there for them has been the worst.

The break from blogging has had me writing a lot and realising just how much I love to write, but I am still very much a factual writer I have made a diary throughout my time here and reading back there is a real mix of emotions. The break really did show me some amazing creators and event runners who was very understanding, most keeping me active within their groups and saying return when you can, others wishing me luck and asking me to let them know when I return. I will not return fully till probably the end of September so I will not commit back to as many as I was till then, but those I do still have I will try to throw a post out occasionally.

When homesickess really kicked my ass 4-5 weeks ago I very much felt like my cup was dry, whatever I did felt wrong and the distance from my 2 nephews felt like worlds away. This new pose from Something New available in the Main Store just seemed to fit the mood and feeling so well.

Being able to get back into world the last 4 days has been amazing, spending time with my amazing family and finally getting to change clothes felt real good!

Blogger packs for me are still a great thing and I honestly go ooooo whats this like!

Lumae has been one of my sponsors since the very early days, her imagination with skins is out of this world. She uses so many different themes and ideas. Her tones match amazingly and her attention to detail is fantastic.

She has released a group of skins at the Mesh Body Addicts fair, which is a must have for anyone to visit. 6 new and exclusive fantasy tones make up the collection available at the event. All priced at 50% of the normal price. Including appliers for
* LeLutka
* Catwa (via Omega)
* SLink Head
* Omega Head
* LOGO (via Omega)
* Maitreya Body
* Belleza Body
* SLink Body, Hands and Feet (Physique and Hourglass)
* Omega Body
* Omega Petite (via Omega)
* AMD Baby Bump
* Loud Mouth
* Nyam Nyam
* Sweetlips
* Kissers
* Bentbox Sylvan Ear Appliers
* Soul Ear Appliers

The box also includes Lumaes own Leevi elf ears (3 sizes available).

In the pictures above and below I am weaing Imryll.

If I just lay here


Q Poses has done it again with a new release in the main store, its a very sensual feeling pose, which for me can be used on dry land or in shallow water it really did help to show off the beauty of this stunning dress.The stunning little black dress is from Kaithleen’s and is available at Cosmopolitan. It is availble in a whole host of colours and mesh body compatible. Fitting my Belleza Isis like a glove!

The wonderful Doe has this amazing hair available at the Gacha Garden and KC has these sweet shoes. So don’t forget to go Gacha and see if you get lucky.

It was great to be able to blog tonight but now time is running on. Night Night all.

Pose1- Something New – Me and My Coffee

Pose 2- Q Poses– I’m Ready

Head, Skin & Body Appliers-Lumae– Eirtae – Imryll Bare- MBA Fair

Body, Feet & Hands Nails- Belleza– Isis

Hair- Doe– Mango – Gacha Garden

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye-IKON Sovereign Eyes – Ghost

Dress- Kaithleens– Lined Bottom Dress-Cosmopolitan

Shoes- KC– Charlotte Heels (Black Rare) – Gacha Garden



Cozy Days



Catch Me-!bang

I know Christmas is nearly here when I think oooo last Friday before Christmas, thats this week by the way, so this weekend we found some time in world to capture some Christmas couple poses and some family bits for the full details and more couple poses check out PoseSL.

As much as this directly isn’t a Christmas Pose for me it just felt like it should be. Catch Me from !bang is available at the Pose Lovers event. Once again from !bang a very soft loving pose. Luna really does capture a lot of romance in her poses and being able to look into my honeys eyes will always be a pleasure for me.

I wanted something soft and romantic to show off this beautiful sweater long enough to be a dress sweater from Kaithleen’s. It comes in a choice of 7 different colours! I adore most of them but the crème made me feel a little warmer with this shoot!


Pose – !bang– Catch Me- Pose Lovers

What I am wearing-
Hair- Lamb– Dust Bunny- The Arcade December 2015

Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae : LeLutka Head : Adore – T5 Amber // Dreamer

Mesh Body Hands& Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.4

Head- Catwa– Jessica

Eye- Aveline– Midnight Blue

Sweater Dress- Kaithleen’s Turtleneck Sweater – Creme- Winter Trend


Antlers- {funkee monkee}-Christmas Light Antlers


Silent Whisper – Remembering


Silent Whisper


September 11th for those who are old enough to remember that day will be etched in our mind for years to come.

For me like the bombings in London July 7th.  What an incredibly wrong world it is, a world where fellow humans want to hurt, kill and put suffering on other innocent people.

I can remember the moment it hit the news here in the UK like it was yesterday and yes it was Live and I remember sitting on the floor pre work watching the television thinking is this real.

For many people still that day was very real, they was there, those people I remember.

Those people who lost there lives, I remember.R.I.P.

I remember with hope, that one day things like this wont happen, I remember sadly,with a little fear, as even now the world is still a victim of potential threats of murder to innocents.

Be safe today and always and be sure to tell those you Love that you do!

What I am Wearing.
Hair- !lamb. Bernice
Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae :: Niska : 4 – Peach :: Gateau {Freck/LightBrow}
Body Hands& Feet- Slink Physique

Mesh Head- LeLutka– Ever
Eye- IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue
Dress – ..::KnocKeRs::..CandyFloss Mini Dress[SLINK]
Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)
Bag-:: PM :: Rubik Purse {Classic} On9

Pose& Prop-GlamRus– Kristina


Out of the Darkness




There is some people in the world that just love to hate.

There is some people in the world who just love to spread negativity.

Neither of these are healthy, neither of these should happen in either world. Sadly they do. But what we do in reply to those things depends on its effect on us and others around us.

Hands up I am not always the best at dealing with things, I can be pushed to my limits like anyone, but me, I do not hate, I think its a vile word and vile emotion.

So my words today are for those people hiding in the shadows of life, come out, come out. The sun can shine if you believe it. No one can judge you, no one can tell you what you think, Your in charge of your own destiny.

I recently watched a video and the words went something like this

Be as weird, crazy, as you want to be. Those people who love you will be right by your side being as weird and crazy as you are.

I went to Collabor 88 this month for this amazing pose set from Nantra, 8 poses with mirrors and prop illuminatas. great fun and smooth as always.

This dress and jacket set from Ison at C88, the cut of the dress is so pretty casual or mega pretty and teamed up with the jacket (tails animated or static), I felt like a dark princess. The fit is amazing and the design is very different.

My Friendly Shadow


What I am Wearing.
Hair- LeLutka-BLYTHE hair – Jessica
Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae :: Niska : 4 – Peach :: Gateau {Freck/LightBrow}
Mesh Head,  Body Hands& Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.3

Mesh Head- LeLutka– Ever
Eye- IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue
Dress & Jacket- Ison– Occult Dress and Jacket- Collabor88
Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)
Shoes- .:KC:. VIXIE – Maitreya

Pose& Prop- Nantra– Illuminati- Collabor88


Feline Special!


Red Carpet Diva

Pixicat at the Arcade has once again smashed it with their beautiful gacha, the moment I saw this dress, I fell in love and wanted it in all colours. The jacket is also pretty fab and unlike anything I have seen in Second Life before. It comes in Pink, White, Black and Red for both. I just felt that the contrast of the black and white worked really well.

The freebie hair with the Gacha Bangs is from Olive and it is mega cute!

Red Carpet Diva//

What I am Wearing.
Hair- .Blue Olive. the Pumpkin Hair Gacha – Bangs # 1 Arcade
Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae :: Niska : 4 – Peach :: Gateau {Freck/LightBrow}
Mesh Body Hands& Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.3
Eye- IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue
Dress & Jacket- Pixicat– Bastet Gacha- Arcade
Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)
Necklace- EarthStones Sentiments Necklace – Loved
Shoes- .:KC:. VIXIE – Maitreya

Pose& Prop- :: Focus Poses Red Carpet

Au Natural


Au Natural

In this world, there is beauty all around us. The amazing thing about this beauty is its created by an individual within the world for the individual.

The items in this post for me extrude a very natural beauty.

From the flawlessness of this bare skin a new release for Lazy Sunday. The natural fall of the hair the current subscriber gift from Truth hair. The Thorn dress in white available from the Designer Showcase from More than Ever and the very pretty Glitter Tip nails from ZOZ.

Au Natural Up Close

What I am Wearing.
Hair- TRUTH HAIR Essena –  variety- Subscriber Gift
Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae : Niska : 4 – Peach :: Bare {Freck/LightBrow}
Mesh Body Hands& Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.3
Mesh Head- LeLutka– Ever
Eye- IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue
Dress- More Than Ever– Thorn Dress- Exclusive Designer Showcase
Nails--{ZOZ}- Summer 2015 Glitter Tips (Maitreya)
Necklace- EarthStones Sentiments Necklace – Loved

Pose-[DB]Poses – twilight