Review Policy

I Anna Rain (DJLdyH3ll Adored) am currently the sole contributor within writing to this blog. I love to blog, I have really enjoyed my blogger manager positions as well, if you wish to contact me always do by note-card first to be sure I get them.

The male, who is regularly seen featuring in my blog is my partner, husband, love, best friend, male model Steel Rain (bohica wirefly).

I do accept items to review, but please do keep in mind it needs to be in my style and taste. This is still very much a hobby for me and I am blessed with some amazing sponsors.

I can not promise to blog every item received, if you wish to become a sponsor please do send a notecard in the first instance and we will get back to you. If you have a single item for review please do send it to me, preferably boxed with any event information.

Current Sponsors For SLURL’s. Please see Footer

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