When the Sun is Shining

When the sun is shining
When the sun shines it is so easy to be happy. I am so glad Spring is finally here and Summer will be soon upon us!

It has been with a heavy heart I have decided to take a little hiatus from blogging on a regular basis, I will still be here when I feel I have something I want to show for now.


I will miss it I am sure and I am not saying this is bye forever. I have been blessed to have amazing sponsors throughout this journey but as many already know, I will not be as active going forward. I still have a few posts I wish to share before taking some time.


Looking at other things I have also enjoyed in SL is going to take a priority it is not goodbye it is let us see where my virtual life takes me.

Those beautiful credits and links!

Standing Pose-  Something New– Dress Me- Group Gift

Piano/ Guitar and Chair- MOoH– Music Deco- TWE12VE

Top and Jeans- RKKN– Stefania- Epiphany

Hair – Doe- Maddie- Epiphany

Shoes-1313 Mockingbird Lane– Absentia Sandals

Nails- Dark Passions– Dangerous Curves

Ring- Cae–  Betrothed

Skin-WoW Skins– Star Skin

Mesh Body-Maitreya– Lara

Mesh Head- Genus– Genus head classic

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