Some Rest and Relaxation


Many people know I took some time out in this last week, to focus on me, my health and dealing with a bereavement.

Sometimes everyone needs to, sometimes that time away can make the world make a whole lot more sense.

It has been an honor to be involved with the Home and Garden Expo for RFL this year.

Blogger managing for such a great cause has inspired me to do more and be more, so watch this space. I am still not fully back but I had to squeeze in another post from this great event. This time featuring  Gems of Topaz Creations lovely set that is great in any little chilled out space. Add to that some stunning art from Milly Sharple.


Those beautiful credits and links!

Chair/ Coffee Table and Love Side Table- Gems of Topaz Creations – PRIDE Collection – RFL Hope 3

Artwork- Fractal Insanity by Milly Sharpie- Kaleidoscope – Pretty Petals- RFL Hope 6

Cactus- HILTED – Remex Collection – Potted Bamboo Plant

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