Simple Messages


We are told constantly to live by simple messages. Messages such as be strong, play nice, have fun and have faith. There is more but listing them here doesn’t make it any easier. Yesterday I saw jokes about mental illness and people with them. As someone who has battled with anxiety and depression the jokes are not funny.

I think there is a simple message we should all live by and that is think twice.

Think about anything you may say or may do that may affect someone else.

Simple Messages

I will always try to accept others opinions no problem but attacking things that are to a point beyond an individuals control, honestly it makes me think a whole lot less of you!



Pose – Poseidon Akali – We Love Role-play

Backdrop-MINIMAL – Illusion II – *1* RARE

The Look

Jumpsuit- MOoH– Lucy

Hair – Chain– Risha

Choker- Cae– Infatuated- Romp

Nails- Dark Passions- Be Still My Heart- Secret Affair

Skin-WoW Skins– Elora

Mesh Body-Belleza– Freya

Mesh Head- Genus Project- Genus


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