Christmas Wish


Christmas is less than a week ago and in recent years each year I have made wishes in my head. Not just for me but for those near and far I care about.

This year some of my friends need healing prayers whether it be physical or psychologically.

It is sad that in both real life and second life there is hurt, sometimes hurt made worse by others actions. Something that is always in my head this time of year is would it not be nicer to be nicer, share some love and positive vibes. If you have to put other people down sadly it reflects more on you than them!

Christmas Wish

Remember just like me in these pictures to go out and have some fun, be yourself even if people judge you. it is about being true to you and finding happiness.

My Christmas wish to you all is for happiness and joy!



Picture taken at my home sim

Bridge- Chez Moi– Covered Bridge Seasons- Tres Chic

Pose and props- Something New– Rudolph – Super Sales Weekend 21/12


Romper-Well Made– Rohana- Designer Showcase

Boots – MOoH- LuLu- 50%Group Discount

Hair – Besom- Emily

Nails- Dark Passions- Metallic Kisses- Seduction Fair

Skin- WoW Skins– Amelia

Mesh Body- Belleza– Freya

Mesh Head and Freckles- Laq- Noelle


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