Is there anybody home


Jumping into a fairy-tale, in a land of make believe we all want to be true. This month at Enchantment we see Brothers Grimm, Designer Choice, it really is an event I get excited about because being able to become part of one of those stories we grew up hearing and loving is wonderful.

Is there anybody home?

Would an adult Gretel have been any different to the child we remember?

Her braveness helped with the escape from the nasty witch. would she have returned as an adult to make sure the witch had not found a way to come back!



Gingerbread House, Well, Planters, Pathway, Fence, Cloud Tree and Gates- MOoH-Candy Tale Gacha- Enchantment

Pose Tree-Le Popppycock– Juniper Tree- Whispered Song- Enchantment

Dress and Collar- Les Sucreries de Fairy- Gretel’s Delight- Pink Candy- Enchantment

Hair-/Wasabi Pills-Jen

Nails- Dark Passions-  Spiced Cider

Skin- Wow Skins– Isabella

Mesh Body- Maitreya- Lara

Mesh Head- Genus Project- Genus BETA


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