Bite Me


There is so many ways this blog could be taken but don’t take it personal because it is not aimed at anyone or anything I just love the fun and attitude!

There is something really stunning in sexy lingerie and a cute sassy pose!

Bite Me!

I have to confess in this blog I have made a real rookie mistake this was a piece that was withdrawn from a blogger pack and I did not read it correctly. I am human, I am sorry Amber but I could not help but want to show off your amazing texturing here. This will I hope one day soon be available to all at the store for you all. Till then pop to the store or to current events to see other awesome creations by Masoom.



Bra, Corset, Pants and Sleeves-Masoom– Bra / Corset Set- coming soon

Hair- Doe– Sophia- Pocket Gacha

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails– Vintage Vogue- Vintage Fair 

Head, eyes and skin- Genus Project– Genus Bento

Rings-  Candy Cruncher– Vintage Rings- Vintage Fair

Pose- Mila-Good Old Days- Vintage Fair


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