Summers nearly over


It has been and gone so quickly. Summer definately agrees with me and why not throw a BBQ to celebrate.

Chez Moi is offering you just that with this amazing BBQ set available in adult and PG options.

 Summers nearly over

Masoom and Dark Passions helped me finish off my look today with awesome nails and gloves and where comfort is always an important issue these high ballerina shoes from Mooh with the colour variety hud are going to be great for anyone.


So at the end of yesterdays chapter I talked about leaving everything I had behind for the man I should never have loved. Even before moving he showed questionable characteristics, the night I was violently sick getting very annoyed with me because I missed wiping one patch on the wall away, bearing in mind we was in my own flat at the time.  The little annoyance in him in time grew way bigger, the first time he had shown any violence was on the way home from our friends house I had said something he didn’t like he had me by the hair and his fist pushing into my throat telling me that if I ever embarrassed him again he would “see to I never could again.” He punched me in the stomach then drove home like nothing had happened the next day he went to kiss me and instinctively I pulled away in fear he was all sorry sorry sorry. I believed him.

It got way worse sadly and each time part of me wanted to believe he would get the help he said he would. I ended up in hospital unable to breathe after a night of terror, where I had been punched in the chest repeatedly because I did not want to have sex. He had no idea where I was when I didn’t answer my phone he got a mutual friend to get in touch and said he was coming to check the hospitals, was I ok. At that point I broke down in hospital and it took doctors and nurses to assure me I was safe.

I was discharged refusing to wait and speak to the police, I got on a bus home.

I let him know what had happened when he came home, he wasn’t happy, told me I was bad news and all this was my fault. He left and didn’t come home that night, he returned the next day and I was designing something in Utherverse, he saw red, picked up my laptop and threw it across the room, I told him to calm down and stop being an idiot he didn’t and the horror of the next few minutes I still see clearly in my head now.

I was thrown against a wall, I remember my head banging against it and then remember his hand around my throat, I was begging pleading with him to stop. I could hardly breathe and in a moment where fear of not seeing anyone again came over me I lashed out. I knocked him off guard, his glasses flew across the room, he stumbled and I ran, grabbed my phone and raced upstairs, entering what was know my room locking the door and pushing the chest of drawers against it, putting my own body against the chest of drawers as he raced up the stairs, I pretended to be on the phone to the police, he raced back downstairs. I then called his brother, he heard my voice and said 2 minutes I am on way, will call him whilst I am on way to distract him. When his brother turned up I was still to scared to come out of my room, eventually with reassurance and my phone being set ready to hit call on 999, I came out of my room. His brother took one look at me the marks on my neck the very clear fear in my eyes and told him to pack a bag this was not his home anymore and he needed to leave or he would call the police. He did. That day I opened up, Steel was aware things was not great at home, he did not know the extent. My brother and a cousin I was close to didn’t either and they was both mortified and angry with him. As much as I was a long way from being ok, there was no way I was going back. The nightmares and fears was real, as was the fake friends who attacked me and said it was all my fault.

I lost my job in the aftermath, I wasn’t sleeping lost weight and even now a man raising his voice sends me into panic.

Summer was over, it was winter and it felt cold and lonely. Thankfully I was lucky at that point I had steel as an amazing friend and our closeness developed he was someone I could talk to about anything and not feel judged, I also had my then sister cuddlez, she refused to let me sit and cry, she had my back but wanted me to find me, and well if I had to do it in a virtual world first so be it!

Wow that was a long one TBC

 BBQ Set and table- Chez Moi– Barbeque Party- Tres Chic

Head and Body Applier- Lumae : Ruby for Catwa – Dolce

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hair-pr!tty- Rebecca

Head- Catwa Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Charismatic- Suicide Dolls

Outfit- SALT-Emme Outfit- Onyx- Rare-Gacha Garden

Shoes- MOoH-Sadie Tie Top Ballerina- 50% Discount Item till 24th August

Gloves- Masoom– Becca Bento Gloves- Tres Chic




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