Fantasy Faire Coming to An End.

The Fantasy Faire and all its beauty will come to an end this weekend for another year.

It has once again been an absolute honour to be one of the press for this event.

 L$ 5,807,799 ($ 22,338) by April 28th, 11 PM SLT is the current running figure and wow that is an amazing figure but I am sure if you read this go visit be inspired to donate or buy one of the many great items at the event that are there for you and contain a donation some 100% to RFL.

Below the pictures is a slurl directory, for your ease in exploring.

Chaddul Ro Sponsored by The Roawenwood_001

Dawn's Promise Sponsored by The Looking Glass_001

Egregore Sponsored by Epic Toy Factory_001

Fallen Sands Sponsored by Merchants of Dreams_001

Kakushi Pasu Sponsored by Sanctuary Roleplay Community_001

Mudrana Sponsored by Dandelion Daydreams Factory_001

Raven's Perch Sponsored by Rivendale_001

San Mora Sponsored by Death Row Designs_001

The Hill Sponsored by Solarium and Titans_001

The Spirit Pool Sponsored by The Lost Unicorn Gallery_001

Fairelands Junction

Chaddul Ro

Ravens Perch

The Hill

Dawn’s Promise

The Spirit Pool


Fallen Sands


The Rose

San Mora


Kakushi Pasu

Fantasy Faire Radio

Literary Festival

Silent Auction

Survivor and Caregivers Center

Opal Flight


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