The Easter Bunny

It doesn’t seem 2 minutes ago that it was Christmas and as much as a whole load of things have changed both in second life and real life for me in this short time, are the kids really breaking up for Easter Vacation.

As much as a lot of the changes still bare down on me, in other ways I broke some chains and barriers within a few things even my blogging. I am at a point that I am loving what I am doing I am less scared to try new things and looks and I hope it shows.

A new month dawns tomorrow and Totally Top Shelf are switching up their event a little.

The Press Release is below.


Where? – In mainstores across SL
When? – 1st April @ 12pm SLT

Totally Top Shelf would like to invite you on a grand adventure through SL and along the way visit and partake in some shopping in some of the most talented designers of SL. Grab yourself a hud and join the fun. Huds can be found by joining the TTS Updates group and in notices or any of the participating designers stores.

The rules are simple. Simply click the hud to TP to the stores (last tp is for the treasure room) go about your business and shop around! find those hidden outfits/accessories/ tattoos anything you havent seen before and buy! once you have finished  find the Checkpoint, Click the check point. Once you have done that a red X will cross off that store (red Xis not needed for last tp point). Repeat the process untill you get to the last square on the hud and TP to our treasure room. THIS is where you can get your free prizes for taking part on the treasure adventure! simply click on each chest to grab your prize! (PLEASE NOTE – To get your prizes you need 1 completed hud with all stores crossed off)

Some of the freebies are awesome and by filling up your huds you are going to find some new stores and maybe even some new faves!

The Easter Bunny

Oubliette is releasing this great dress as her event exclusive this round and it includes bow and ears(one piece).

These great shoes are Oubliette’s treasure and I adore them already, they fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. So a choice and variety!


I was absolutely thrilled to become part of Zibska’s tea so expect to see more amazing make up in blog posts from here on!

Bunny Life

Cheek shadow, Thelka, comes in 12 colour options and its a gift!! I love the way with mesh heads we can totally alter this blush to the blend we want to be dramatic or subtle.  Meera lipstick comes in a huge variety of 24 shades, and as no girl should leave home without lippy it is one for the collection for sure.  Signature eye make up is great for any night or day out and this is just what Paiva offers. 12 colour variations are available. All of these are available at this round of Se7en.

Pose-P.O.SE.– female stand 2

Head and Body Applier-Lumae : Catwa – Ruby – T5 Dolce / Bare- The Avenue April 1st!

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Union Jack- World Tour Hunt 2017

Hair- Wasabi Pills– Patty- Ultra

Head- Catwa  Catya Bento

Eyes- Catwa Mesh Eyes

Eye Applier- Out of Orbit-Earthy Eyes- The Avenue April

Dress- Ears and Head Bow- Oubliette– Bad Bunny Latex Outfit- Totally Top Shelf

Shoes- Oubliette– Bad Bunny Slipper- Totally Top Shelf

Cheek Shadow- Zibska [Gift] Thekla- Se7en

Eye Shadow- Zibska ~ Paiva- Se7en

Lipstick- Zibska ~ Meera- Se7en

Lighting by Lumipro



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