476 New Year

First of all Happy New Year to all!

For me it was a little quieter than planned and plans of sharing it even with people in second life had to get left behind when I was ill.

Feeling a little brighter this morning and waking to a fresh new year means a lot.

This last year has been eventful and eye opening, hard to believe I was not here for 3-4 months of it because of my summer overseas. I learnt a lot about myself in that time but also learnt a lot about others. The sponsors who stood by me, kept my blog spot open and welcomed me back so warmly thank you. You are the people I love blogging for.

I have been working in the background of this blog as well as openly for some time since returning on what I want to be and where I want this blog to go. It will be very much a big and little me blog now. Little Anna will be around a whole lot more and gracing the pages along with and flying solo from big Anna at times. How will this effect my blog it wont really I will be the same crazy sassy sometimes outspoken blogger I always have been. I will be Vlogging much more in the next year my initial plan is to try and VBlog once a week, it may end up being more or less depending on time constraints.

OK I know your all like where is the pictures stop talking so much Anna, today is a video I did not get my Christmas Video done this year, so I made one for new year, I hope you enjoy it. Was like taking a trip down memory lane with some awesome designs from the year for me!

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