Help we’re under attack

Well we are not alone on this island, yesterday on more than one occasion a group of what we are commonly now calling walkers attacked the barracks we have set up camp in. Numerous injuries and a handful of people at least receiving bites from these walkers. Some kids are absolutely terrified others trying to hide their fear. We have seen no sign of help. We are keeping the kids busy. Stories, game time, hunting and weapon making.

The bags under my eyes are getting heavier the worry etched into my face is becoming more apparent, what happens if, no, puts it out of my mind.

Under Attack

What I am Wearing.
Head. Skin & Body Appliers- Lumae ::Fae : 5 – Amber :: Violetta {Freck/LightBrow} – The Lexi Project
Mesh Body Hands& Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.3
Eye IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Arabian Blue
Vest Top-Vinyl – Gizem Cami
Shorts- Lushish Catz– Summer Shorts With Cord Belt L

Dirt and Cuts- [flit ink] DIRTY WASTELANDER
Eye Bags- Izzie’s – Hangover Face Tattoos
Pose with a zombie!- Jessica Ishatari


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