Fantastic Fantasy & The Big C.

As much as I like to change my look occasionally as many of you have noticed I rarely nowadays. emerge myself into total transformation, what I love about this world is you can do that. You can be a fairy, pixie, mermaid or pretty much anything. As I have always said about this world the only limit is your imagination.

The Fantasy Faire is a great place to do this and its all in support of a cancer free world. This fair is part of second life history it has been running 7 years. It is also one of the mega events within SL that raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

Fantastic Fantasy and the Big C

In case your confused that is a RAW shot no editing, this stunning new skin is from Lumae, and can be found at the Fantasy Faire.

It comes with three make up options (I am wearing the tribal), three brow options and a whole host of appliers (Including some very hard to find ones). Check out Lumae’s own blog for the full list. Cleavage options and more, if you have never looked at Lumae’s skins now is the time to do so, 100% of all sales is for RFL as well. There is very few designers who can make seamless joins happen Lumiya from Lumae does!

The stunning coral top/ accessories I grabbed up eagerly the detailing is so pretty by clicking my picture it will take you to Flickr and then you can click again and look at the detailing, including the 2 little sea horses perched on my shoulders. Soraida  has some amazing bits available at the Fantasy Faire, including full mermaid and fairy outfits.

Cancer needs to be gone, anyone who has beaten cancer, or watched someone battle it, will agree 100% with this status, the only way we can help as individuals is ensure those charities like the American Cancer Society have the funds they need to keep researching, to keep looking into and supporting people battling this terrible disease.

Many people have a story here is mine. My mums 50th Birthday passed like no other, we celebrated and laughed as a family more than ever, I took her out and had her pampered from head to toe. My mum my hero. Little did we know our lives was about to change. Over here in the UK, you turn 50 you get a present of a mammogram. 2 weeks after my mums Birthday I got a call from my dad, he said I know your going to have lots of questions but just listen, he told me mum’s first mammogram had shown a suspicious lump, it looked large but even now my mum couldn’t feel anything abnormal. They had taken a biopsy via scan and they was getting the results later that day. My initial reaction was hey how come your only telling me this now, truth is they wasn’t planning on telling any of us till after the results, so not to worry us, but the guilt had hit my dad, he was scared as well. He made me promise not to worry kept saying it is probably nothing but would call me as soon as he could.

Time past slower than ever that day, and when a text came through from my dad I knew instantly it wasn’t good news, my mum had cancer. I crumbled dad asked that we not call as they was trying to get their heads round it, at that point I was living in South Wales at least a 2 hour drive or train trip. As much as at that point I had a loving partner by my side I felt more alone than ever. The next week mum was scheduled for surgery I could not get time off work till the day after, surgery went well and as well as taking away what looked like a localized mass, they also took the lymph nodes. Throughout my mum kept her chin up smiled and was lovely to the staff and patients on the ward, results showed that the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes. My mum battled through chemo and radio-therapy, then dads death suddenly changed her views on a lot of different things. Her consultant talked about more surgery initially mum refused I sat there by her side and openly broke down, I had not cried about my dad in front of mum she had her own battles going on as well as battling cancer she had lost the love of her life. We spoke, bless I remember the consultant handing me tissues and walking off discretely, my big words to mum was I had just lost my Dad I didn’t think I could cope without losing her as well. I said dad would be angry if she just gave up, this could make a huge difference. I remember that day and even now I am choked up we both was sat there crying by the end of our chat, and mum agreed she would have one more surgery because she had 2 kids that adored her and needed her.

Surgery come and went, mum completed chemo and some radiotherapy, sitting in the same office we did and cried our eyes out we get told mums in remission, the cancer was beaten for now. My mums life never stopped for cancer, she worked throughout her treatment, her bosses who did a lot of work with UK based breast cancer charities called her an inspiration. Her stores customers and fellow staff loved and was inspired by her. Mum did well for some time, then started to get sick she had constant pain in her back, she got to the point of struggling to walk before she let her doctor refer her, I think back now and think she knew, the cancer was back, and was present in the bones of her spine. Mum sunk into depression and there was little we could do to lift her. Mum started to cough a lot, couldn’t catch her breath, doctors thought initially it was panic attacks, further tests when admitted to hospital one day revealed she had blood clots sitting in her lungs. Mums decreased mobility and chemo was both known contributors, because of the sheer amount she was given days to live. she lasted one of those days, I spent that day with her with my brother, I fought a little with hospital staff, I wished mum was home, comfortable and she was neither. That night I received a call and I knew she had gone without them saying anything, my brother had stopped with her that night and I rushed to the hospital to be there for him.

Cancer is a killer, it hurts not only those it attacks but anyone who loves or knows them and it needs to be stopped, please go out support these designers, organizers, RFL and whilst doing so know you are supporting the fight against the BIG C.

What I am Wearing

Hair- Moon. Hair. // Pixie Harlow
Skin Appliers)-Lumae :: Jewel : Epona // Tribal {WhiteBrow}- Fantasy Faire 2015
Eyes- Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye- Wayward Hunt April 2015
Mesh Body Hands & Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.0
Top- ~Soraida~Coral mermaid – Fantasy Faire 2015
Torso Tattoo- personal creation
Exquisite Cherished Engagement Ring Platinum
Necklace- *LC* E (SS) – Angel Wing (Mother) Necklace
Pose – oOo Innocent

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