Heads you win, Tails you lose

Heads you win, Tails you lose!

I use the title some words, because I guess  somethings in this post could be seen as a rant or a moan, I am not doing either merely making some suggestions and expressing some disappointment.

This week has seen the arrival of some designers release of skins for the Lelutka Head, I did go out and look and find a designer with the ability to skin the heads(need for natural looking freckles), honestly it is beautiful, flawless even and when I wear my head I will be wearing the skin and make up. YS&YS (Your Skin and Your Shape have done an amazing job on the head skinning, the make up options are huge, brow options, freckle options everything is there for you in one hud. The demo they have allows you to try all the 5 skin tones and  all the options below so try it, but know that all these options make it hard to make a decision.

The Lelutka head has been in SL little under a month, for me it is an amazing creation and I know in the future much more will be added and this creation can only get better. I have always liked the Glam affair skin tones and was happy that one I used on the head near matched a fave skin I love to wear but there was something missing. Now I know and respect that the creation of the Lelutka head was not easy, I am sure there has been sweat and tears, I hope no blood; this has taken time and a lot of work and the collaboration between yourself the lovely people at Maitreya and Glam affair is something I hope to see more designers do. I do have something I want to point out though.

Skin creation, to do this well is amazing art, to get the detailing to make people feel like this is their skin that takes creativity, it takes time, it takes patience. (I know I tried and failed). There is not a handful of good skin creators out there or two, there is many, the skin fair had over 100 designers and even then that is not close to the number of great skin designers there is in second life. To me buying a skin in second life isn’t something I do just like that, I want to demo it, I want to feel how it looks, I want to feel like it belongs to me. I think in time we all get our fave designer the person whose work just seems to sit with us work for us and look good on us. The designer we choose we choose because they suit us they make us feel unique. Neither of the 2 skin designers I feel that way about in second life was one of the selected designers to be lucky enough to be able to skin the Lelutka head. Sour grapes maybe the designers chosen are amazing as well but for everyday wear there not who I have chosen to be in second life. I think its probably not just me. Both the designers have there own way, they have there own followings that wont go anywhere else, the numbers in their groups show how much they are loved.  Selecting who is right for your head, I can totally understand, but limiting them, limiting the buyers or future buyers of your head could be wrong for you. No I wouldn’t release the files to everyone, but work like other creators have, make applications check designers out for authenticity and let the proven ones in the door, because every time they put out a new skin and advertise it as being for the Lelutka head its more free advertising for you!

I know I am not the only one missing there fave skinner, I understand the work and efforts that has gone into the head, I just don’t want it to get lost under the blahh I am not getting one because I will need a new skin and I love the one I have.

What I am wearing.
Hair-!Oleander ~ Oz.- Wayward Hunt April 2015
Head, Body and Make Up Appliers-Your Skin & Your Shape
Mesh Body Hands & Feet- Maitreya LaraV3.0
Mesh Head- LeLutka– Ever
Eyes- Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye- Wayward Hunt April 2015
Blouse- NYU – Floral Blouse, NudeFloral- Wayward Hunt April 2015
Exquisite Cherished Engagement Ring Platinum
Necklace- *LC* E (SS) – Angel Wing (Mother) Necklace

Pose- .mien. {mora} Wayward Hunt April 2015

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