Time Flies and Compassion

Wow April already, this year is flying it does not seem 5 minutes since we brought in the new year. Which still makes me smile as my online family none of which at that point was in the UK all came over and set off fireworks with me, then sat chatting as I fell asleep on them as was working early New Years Day. Remember “Every moment is precious, Live every moment, find something to love about every day because before you know it precious time has slipped away.”

Time Flies and Compassion- Think before you speak, react or judge. Are you sure of everything? Make it your daily task to make someone happy.

In this picture I went back to my Uber March- April folder and grabbed some pieces up.

I am a firm believer of trying hair even if I am not sure of it and I am glad I did with this Tourniquet hair from Moon, the advert pic really doesnt do it the justice it deserves as it is really a very pretty hair, so many colour options I went for the ombres and of course you have the lola option, which I am also wearing as I find they cause less clashing with mesh bodies alphas.
More and more pieces in my inventory that I am grabbing because I just can not miss are from Blueberry, This side cut belted skirt said buy me from the second I saw the pictureI tried on the demo and found a colour change hud for the skirt part which gives you oh so many options. As always with Blueberry choice is there as well as great size options,belt or no belt, 5 orignal sizes as well as slink, Belleza and Maitreya.

This cute little top is from Kawaii Life, I have always loved red riding hood, think its me and the colour red.and quite honestly over my Maitreya Body this top just flew making it very easy to wear indeed. If you haven’t check out them yet I would, very reasonabley priced awesome pieces lots of pretty Spring colours to fill your wardrobe with.

It is with much regret I hear about Woodlands being in its final round, which started yesterday, please think about popping over, this event has truely been great fun for a while for many people so it will be missed by many including myself (love the family start of month trip).
This leads me very nicely onto this weeks meme from Strawberry Singh. This week it is all about spreading the message of a more compassionate world both online and offline something she took from the Monica Lewinsky TED Talk, which I have to say I totally agree is worth listening too.

I have answered the questions posed as second life, sadly I know of what is spoken about in the talk in these questions in both SL and RL.
The RL side of this I am very much still dealing with maybe one day in the future I will be able to say I am comfortable sharing for now I will continue to work on beating my demons.

1) Have you ever been subjected to mean comments online by strangers? If not, then skip to question #5. –
Sadly on more than one occasion, I believe sadly like real life this world has a variety of people in it, some politely opinionated others not so. Jealousy has a huge factor in peoples nastiness and is the reason I walked away totally from another world and within sl moved away from being so actively involved in something I loved.

2)How did you respond to them? –
If they hurt me or someone close to me initially i probably knee jerked back but eventually if continuous I withdraw back into my shell.

3) How did they make you feel? –
In a lot of ways let down, on both occasions people I have thought a lot of and given a lot too have been responsible for the comments. I do not hide my sensitivity so people who know me well are well aware of it
4) Can you share some of the mean comments you’ve received and your thoughts on them? –
I could but I have moved past it and let things go, I don’t hate it is not in my nature

5) Have you ever ridiculed or negatively commented on someone else’s work, actions or personality with the intention to hurt them? –
Am I opiniated? Those reading this that know me will be saying hell yeah right now, I am, but I am not a nasty or evil person and I certainly have never done anything intentional to hurt anyone. Never would I comment negatively publically on someones work or personality. The thing I love about second life is we are all so unique and that is reflected in who we are and what we create or write.

This meme has touched me, I watched the talk from Monica Lewinsky and cried, not for her not for me but in realization sadly this happens daily multiples times to numerous people, some people aren’t as strong as others and actions may have very serious consequences.

So in signing off on this blog here is a message from me.

Think before you speak, react or judge. Are you sure of everything? Make it your daily task to make someone happy not to cause or comment on something that causes someone suffering.

what I am wearing
Hair-Due- Moon. Hair. // Tourniquet
Skin (Face & Appliers)-LLumae :: Adore : 2 – Satin :: Dreamer {Freck/LightBrow}
Eyelashes- Lumae Longer
Eyes- IKON Eternal Eyes – Storm
Mesh Body- Maitreya
Hands & Feet Slink
Top- Kawaii Life! Riding Red crop top
Nails- Sweet Evil – Slink Leopard Print Nails (F&T)-Cherry Cake Hunt April 5th
Skirt- Blueberry – Side Cut Skirts – Belted
Exquisite Cherished Engagement Ring Platinum
Necklace- *LC* E (SS) – Angel Wing (Mother) Necklace

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