Perceptions, St Patricks Day & Happy Birthday Daddy!

Playing in the flower!

Today would have been my dads birthday, hes been gone some time now but as Daddy’s girl I still miss him. The song at the end means a lot, when my dad died totally unexpectedly, my mum was dealing with battling breast cancer and after surgery was then dealing with chemo and radiotherapy. I know I missed him but my mum would have loved that dance even though dad would have complained throughout it because he hated to dance. I remember as a kid being a bridesmaid and being really upset when we had to leave the wedding reception, the next day I was still sulking and my dad came and asked why, I said because dad, I didn’t get chance to dance with you, he laughed so hard imagine Hagrid from Harry Potter laughing at thats how I would explain it. He replied then and said but darling I hate dancing, but I will dance with you now. We then danced no music nothing, I remember laughing during it. That was probably the only time I remember a sober dad dancing.
Happy St Patricks day, what started off as a religous feast for a patron saint has become an international festival, enjoy something Irish today whether it be music, food or even some footage of one of the many parades going on.

So the wonderful Strawberry Singh released a new meme yesterday and well this is another interesting one,
I still believe for many people second life is many different things sadly I did take a video but I am no way a videographer so I am leaving it out. But here are the questions.

1) What is your perception of Second Life? – To me Second life is a whole new world, one where everyone can live and be what they want to be, its one where some truely amazing people create things on a daily basis that in either world are truely fantastic.
For me it is has shown my much personally and enabled me to believe in people and trust.

2) Do you feel the portrayal or reputation Second Life seems to have in the mainstream media is justified? – The reputation over here in the UK is still quite rough all about the adult elements, I know many on occasions have been challenged to come and actually see and try for themselves, the problem still lies people will see and find what they want.
3) Do you talk about your Second Life with your real life friends and family? – Its funny, my mum certainly new I had a virtual existence but that was before second life, my immediate family know I play a game online but they respect me enough to know why and that it is safe.
Work colleagues, other friends no they do not I choose that.

4) What is your most favorite thing to do in Second Life? – This is going to sound really silly to some those that know me will know its not, simply hang with my love and family, they are the reason I log in excited daily, everyone of them present and past has a place in my heart.

What I am Wearing
Hair- Exile::Give and Take: 4. Fantasy 1- Arcade March 2014
Skin (Face & Appliers)-Lumae :: Jewel : 5 – Amber :: Bare {Freck/RedBrow}
Eyelashes- Lumae Longer
Eyes- Redgrave- Never Forget
Body- Maitreya- Lara 2.1
Hands & Feet Slink
Dress-Soul ~ Mesh Striped Dresses
Nails- Simply Adored Butterfly
Exquisite Cherished Engagement Ring Platinum
Necklace- *LC* E (SS) – Angel Wing (Mother) Necklace

Picture Taken Caelestium Isle


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