A LiLMeMe and some Gatcha Craziness!!

Little Terror

I been a little quiet sorry been a bleuggghh type of week.

Strawberrys, meme this week got my attention and whilst I came up with many ideas was it really going to be a transformation, many people have seen me dressed as a whole host of things in my time in virtual worlds, whether it be auctioneering or DJing there was regularly contests and fun to be had.

More and more I keep working on designs within secondlife more and more I sit here going hmmm we should and could do this for kids in sl,and in order to test theses things you have to be a kid of course. So meet little AnnaMeMe, she will pop up from time to time.

I had a blast at the gacha events up and running already this month, the woodlands, hello beautiful and of course the arcade, The Arcade trading group is a hive of activity of people trying to complete those sets and get the bits they want.
I had saw the Snips and Snails promo before the Arcade and it was something that I wanted, something my kids and grandkids wanted, guess what I think we all have it now! Yeah the animations are wonderful theres even some bigperson ones throw in some places. $L75 a piece and you don’t even need them all but they look amazing, The 3 rares really are worth battling with the gatcha a few times to get!

One of my fave events is The Woodland sadly it seems to have shrunk this month, there is so many awesome designers still here this month though I hope to see the return of some more of the awesome designers we have been seeing over the previous 2 months.
I picked up so much awesomeness, I am wearing TBS’s Playtime Superhero, choice of 4 awesome full outfits one rare. Other awesome things to watch for there, Tic Tac Toes Wands,scented fairty’s, Toddletooz Bunny Magic & SuperHero & Lilys Unicorns.

There will be plenty more to come from me in the next few days so happy gatchaing everyone!


Play area Snips and Snails Ahoy Playground- The Arcade March 2015,

TBS’s-Playtime Superhero- The Woodlands March 2015

Toddleedoo Avatar- Cute Bytes

Skin Spring- Cute Bytes

Hair Truth- Sian



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