Have a couple of posts in the works but this one  is a short exciting one.

Over the period of the last 6 months I have become very much more involved with the family lifestyle and role playing within that. Anyone who knows me knows I adore my family, I will defend and have there backs as long as I possibly can in either world, its just who I am.Bad things happen, we all know this but through it all it is important remember good things come eventually from all that rots. I am sitting here right now thinking does that last line make sense well it did in my head.

I wanted to give something back not only to my family but this whole community, I want people to be as lucky as I have, in finding their place, their friends and family. Bringing people together is a great way to do this and an idea was born!

A team fun sport for the little ones, adults can get involved too as much or as little as they want. I am glad to say I will be joined as founder and lead coach of the junior dodgers by my very awesome daughter LeeLee. She just like her mum is a little crazy but we both adore this community and what it has given to us. Want to know more sign up for our facebook page or world group. More information to come very soon, initial times will be shared as much as they can across the time zones.

If your an adult and would like to be involved with this brand new venture get in touch.



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