Group Gifts & Cupid!

Stupid Cupid

So nine days to go and its valentines day. The day of romance! It has a long history dating back to the 5th Century but its true roots lie within the Roman Holiday Lupercalia. OK enough history, Google it if you want to know more.

Yesterday saw the opening of The Chapter Four, clothes, hair, decor, accessories and cute little friends all await you.But warning you will spend lindens here, the stuff is too cute not too.

Le PoppyCock always has cute stuff but this pose just said you have to have, so of course I had it it comes with 10 poses and a texture change bow and arrow.

Yeah for starts of month and group gifts, I haven’t had a huge amount of time to get round to all my regular haunts to picks up gifts but I did run to get this one, Julie Valentines is such a pretty red and white lingerie set and its the VIP gift for February. For me its cute and sexy. Those who haven’t visited Carrie’s in a while really should pop over she themes the store for the holidays and seasons so well and valentines is no exception, the store looks amazing. Add to that now and Carrie has made me so so happy by doing this she is now including appliers in her outfits, Slink, Omega and Lolas so there really is no excuse to give yourself a sexy and your beloved a sexy treat this valentines!

What I am wearing.
Lingerie Set- Julie Valentines 2014- VIP Group Gift – Carries
Hair- Ivana – Truth
Skin (Face & Appliers)-*Sinful Curves* Zara Light
Lip Gloss- Wow- Tessa Pink
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 16- Elemental
Eyes- Redgrave- Never Forget
Body- Maitreya- Lara 2.1
Hands & Feet Slink

Pose- Cupids Fault- LePoppyCock- The Chapter Four February 2015


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