D!va, FaMESHed and a Belated Monday MeMe

Sooooo I thought and thought about this meme, I know, I always say that, I probably always will.

Second life means something to everyone, escaping to a virtual world is not for everyone but yes it has been for me and still is a wonderful way to be expressive, meet some amazing people and yes escape from reality for a wee while.

So guess what I do when I am thinking hard, well i go shopping for inspiration of course!

D!va one of my absolute fave hair designers is having a refit and so far I have to say I am loving it, new group gift (free group) and a 50% off sale you can not go wrong! D!va for me offers some amazing real life looking hair, my hair real life does like to have a wild mind of its own and many of her styles show this! So pop on over and check out the sale.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CalanDiva/131/154/24

FaMESHed has been a fave of mine for some time and I have a feeling we will see them again in this blog. This amazing Daybed by Consignment oozes beauty and nature, with the options of lights on or off, There is a PG and adult version and texture change linens.


Check this event there is some amazing items, hair, clothes, jewelry, furniture and builds.


So back to motivational meme, Second Life is what you make it. For most of us it is not what people who have not tried it think it is. Me, I have a family, I have a love and some amazing other people, all of whom I am blessed to know. Each and every day you can be who you want to be, you can live and do whatever you want. So here it is, there could have been so many more.

Fairy Tale- http://www.adoredsl.com/shop/dva-fameshed-and-a-belated-monday-meme/

What I am wearing.
Dress- Maai- Vixen
Hair- D!va – Sayaka3
Skin (Face)- WOW- Vivy Bronze
Lip Gloss- Wow- Tessa Pink
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 16- Elemental
Eyes- Redgrave- Never Forget
Body- Maitreya- Lara 2.1
Hands & Feet Slink

[Con.] The Nested Daybed – White- Fameshed.



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