Brrr it is cold outside!

Keeping Warm-

So snow is falling, have to say where I live now does not see a lot but even we this year are getting hit, so its time to stay warm and not go out right.Wrong will still be carrying on as normal and hoping firstly I don’t fall on my behind and secondly I don’t become a breathing snowman!

I woke again early today and decided to have an explore, I found an event I have never been to before and I have to say I was tickled pink I did this event currently caters for homes, men and women and I do have to say some of the mens hair over there is fantastic.
CCB, is an event that celebrates creators it highlights japenese creators but has guests from other countries. The prices are good and quality high, simple layout so minimal lag to visit even if it was mega busy.
Oh and as you walk around keep your eyes peeled there is some random free gifts.

You can find more out about CBB at the following:



What I’m wearing.
Mesh Body, Maitreya Mesh Body –Lara V2.1
Skin: Sinful Curves, Zara Light- Light Brow
Eyes & Eyelashes RedGrave- Neverforget/Number 16 Elemental
Hair: Amiable- Cocona Hair Brown Pack- CBB January 2015
Tunic: S@BBiA::Cowl Neck Tunic (Beige)- CBB January 2015

Have a wonderful weekend, keep warm and safe wherever you may be in the world!!

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