Movie Character Meme

Strawberry Singh, for those that don’t know (cave dwellers) does a Monday Blog challenge, this Monday it was to dress your avatar up as a character from a movie. Its took me this long to decide!!
Initially I thought romantic, Pride and Prejudice, then I though amusing Mrs.Shrek,then last night my beautiful sl daughter Zoey who watched Maleficent with us just this last weekend turned up looking like the young Maleficent. Ping the idea was there.
For those who haven’t seen it a non-animated Disney film Where Maleficent(Angelina Jolie) and in this blog me, is driven to curse a baby girl princess, but in time that girl grows up to be perhaps the only chance at peace in the kingdom and happiness for Maleficent herself.
Beautiful film but do you expect any different from Disney.

Movie Blog MeMe



What I’m wearing.
Mesh Body, Maitreya Mesh Body –Lara V2.1
Skin: Sinful Curves, Zara Light- Light Brow
Eyes & Eyelashes RedGrave- Neverforget/Number 16 Elemental
Hair: Olive-The Anna Hair (Christmas 2014 gift) still avail
Dress: LG Boutique- Best Thing Ive ever had
Horns: Alegria- Maleficent Great Wave Horns
Wings: Avatar Bizarre-Dark Fae Wings Black


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