LH’s Introduction- Not all that wonder are lost!

It is true you know some people can be around in this crazy world of sl or rl and never really be lost but be a wanderer all the same.

SL allows us to do this to wander to meet new people, experience new things and engage in matters that may even be impossible in rl.

Anyway where are my manners, Hi I am LH (DJLdyH3ll Adored) in SL. I was born into SL in August 2009, where curiousity got the cat and I came to explore from another virtual world. I was a dual citizen for quite some time, but my virtual world is now very much in SL.


In that time I have done many things and I plan on bringing some experiences and information here that will reflect that.
I was lucky enough to DJ at some awesome clubs, some have long gone some are very much still alive and kicking. I have run and been involved with sl breedable pets for a very long time. I love live music and am very excited about introducing you to some awesome singers. Fashion is a passion, hand on heart I love my clothes, I love my mesh bodies and my lolas,a girl needs choice right. Last but not least family life in sl, if you don’t have it you probably mock it till you do. I am blessed to have a loving partner and caring family, each different but together we are aptly named the crazies and it fits. We love to explore shop and hunt so the options really are endless.


Understandably that long list of bits and pieces is going to influence my posts here, so it wont be one thing it will be a host of things.
Last thing I am very English, I do tend to tell it how it is and type like I talk. If I haven’t scared you off yet, bookmark me and come back soon


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